How to Get FREE UC in PUBG Mobile | Best Tactics of 2020!

Now-a-time who doesn't need UC-cash in their account or wallet. Every PUBG Player is fascinated about How to Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile 2020.

It's obvious that we have to pay a certain amount to buy Unkown Cash. And not all can budget it and after looking at the prices many of us decide to overlook on buying.

But, Let's say we can purchase UC with zero internal investing and all we have to invest some time and actions.

In today's article, we will be finding how can someone purchase Unkown cash while working on some online websites and mobile apps. Don't get me scam! all of the online portals are verified and legit.

Let's figure out the platforms one-by-one!

How to Get FREE UC in PUBG Mobile Best Tactics!

How to Get FREE UC in PUBG Mobile | Best Tactics of 2020!
Best Tactics of 2020!

All of the platforms or ways not unique or some you might be already introduced but often many times we neglect to reward back some profit from it.

Let's come to the first tactic of our topic!

Play PUBG Mobile Tournaments.

Play PUBG Mobile Tournaments to get free UC in PUBG Mobile
Play PUBG Mobile Tournaments to get free UC in PUBG Mobile

I'm not talking about the main-stream PUBG Mobile Tournaments which are held by the developers. We are taking part in the friendly or particular amount prizes tournaments.

It is held by third-parties and the formating of the winning is you would be a reward for separate kills or directly for your chicken dinner.

Some tournaments portals charged 5/- to 10/- for entry fee which you can recover within a number of one kill. They reward 10/-20/- rupees for a single kill and if you crack a chicken dinner for that you receive the separate winning amount.

Any tier player can join the game and make some nice money which you can use to buy UC's in PUBG Mobile.

Here are some names of the platform from where you can enter the tournaments:

  1.  Gaming Monk.
  5.  Pixlona

Let's evident the earning potential from such areas. Let's take a base level scenario. In every suppose you pay 5/- for entry a make a one kill in the whole match, so you'll earning will be 10/- which is double.

Compare the same with complete of ten matches and you have earned 50/- in the lower case situation. If you perform better and get more kills then the potential segment of earning also increases. Which can easily vary from 150/- to 200/- rupees a day.

Let's dive to the second tactic of our topic!

Mode of Payments: Mostly via Paytm!

⓶ Completing Surveys.

Complete Surveys to get free UC in PUBG Mobile
Complete Surveys to get free UC in PUBG Mobile

Once it comes to online surveys, all out there get spammy thoughts in mind about if we are going to make some profit or not.

But, my friend there are legit websites on the internet who deal with in real surveys. Basically, the surveys are held to gather opinions and reviews of different people from different locations. It helps-out the industry to figure the fixes in their products.

Also in-between PUBG Mobile takes a survey out for the players to know their opinions and trouble they are facing while playing, so they can improve on it.

The formating for the survey portals is simple. You just have to answer some basic questions. Which you go through on your daily-basis life. 

If you manage to complete 3-4 surveys a day then it very generous you would be purchasing a royale pass within a month.

Here are some names of the websites from where you can register and complete surveys:
  1. Mob Rog
  2. Y-sense
  3. Valued Opinions
  4. Panel Place
Special advice: Make sure to complete your profile details first on whichever website you are working on and also provide genuine answers to avail more number of surveys daily.

Mode of Payments: Paytm & Bank transfer. 

⓷ Downloading Google Play Store Apps.

Download Google Play Apps to get free UC in PUBG Mobile
Google Play Store For UC Cash

Google play store has a wide range of variety in applications and games. It is growing its value constantly and for such reasons.

Many Android developers create partwork money-making applications. You can work on them and make a part-time income to invest in gamings and on other expenses.

Here are some names of the Applications from where you can download and prepare for UC cash:

  1. Helo APP
  2. Google Opinions Reward
  3. Frizza
  4. Cointiply
  5. Current
  6. Roz Dhan
  7. Meesho
Special Advice: whenever you work with a play store app, make sure to check their reviews and ratings. Also, you can verify by checking on youtube for payment proofs.

In the forthcoming time, we would be coming-up with detail insights about how to get Free UC in PUBG Mobile 2020 by using Mobile Apps. Till the stay tunned with us.

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