New Glitch In PUBG Mobile Lite | Get Pacifist Title & Chicken Dinner for FREE

PUBG Mobile Lite has become a second competitive game against the official version of PUBG Mobile. The player database has steadily reaching equivalent to the official version of the game.

As the volume of players increase in any game. The number of bugs and glitches also starts to get render. 

A New Glitch has spotted in PUBG Mobile Lite. Which is fun-knowing and advantageous to every single player out there.

However, the serious part about the glitch is, it can beneficial until the developers doesn't fix the problem, hence you can execute the trick and avail awesome rewards. Which will discuss below down.

PUBG Mobile Lite -  New Glitch! 

Before, dealing with glitch, let's first wrap the key-highlights.

New Glitch In PUBG Mobile Lite | Get Pacifist Title & Chicken Dinner for FREE
Get Pacifist Title & Chicken Dinner for FREE 

  • Easy Free Chicken Dinner.
  • Required not a single kill or healing.
  • Get Pacifist Title for Free.
  • Zero health damage to your player.
  • Unlimited Health.

I know it's sound interesting and as well as you are also excited to know the trick. So further some due, let's kick start!

Entire trick or glitch whatever you say... is going to work in your players waiting lobby and there would be needed zero efforts to master it.

First, begin with a solo classic match and enter to the waiting lobby.

All we know the latest PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 Update has bonus us with operatable buggy in the waiting zone and the glitch appears along with it.

Once you are in the waiting lobby make sure to reserve the buggy as before someone else does and take it to the spot where the plane has crashed down. Further place the buggy exactly how's mentioned in the image.

New Glitch In PUBG Mobile Lite | Get Pacifist Title & Chicken Dinner for FREE
Park your buggy in the same manner.

Now, you will ask how it can use to perform the glitch.

Once, you park the buggy later the plane will take off to the journey and all players will jump-off to there hot-locations. Yet the moment your player will jump.

Instantly, you will be takedown to the spawn island, where the actual waiting lobby is! and you will found the player in the same buggy you were in, before the plane take-offs.

Hows the  Glitch advantageous? 

As you appear in the spawn island there would be no other players to defeat you.

Therefore, you just have to wait and relax in the spawn island till the last circle close-ups! 

The best part of the glitch is the blue zone will fail to give you a single damage that means you can easily survive in the blue zone, where all remaining players will be fighting for their lives.

Get  Pacifist Title  Chicken Dinner  for FREE 

Pacifist title stands for -The observer that silently watches the slaughter.

That means you have to get a chicken dinner with zero kills. Before it was quite tricky to achieve the title but since the glitch is found it becomes super-easier!

As above we discuss about the advantageous feature, which allows us to get a chicken dinner for free and easily. 

Hence once the last enemy ends-up dying in the heal-battle of the last blue zone, you confirmed your Chicken dinner And you had unlocked the Pacifist Title! 

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