How to Reach ACE Tier in PUBG Mobile! Easiest Guide Ever.

There is no doubt PUBG Mobile has became the fastest growing and popular game among the rest. It has over 100+ millions of active players on the board. 

Players are going phenomenally crazy for the game. And yes, In every action game we find some ranking factors or tiers. Which we have to accomplish to highlight our gaming profile. Just similar to that PUBG Mobile offers over seven tiers to every individual.

What are the PUBG Mobile Rank List?

Here are a total of seven different tiers with some different and unique rewards. List as follows:

  1. Bronze - five sub-tiers Ⅰ-Ⅳ
  2. Silver - five sub-tiers
  3. Gold - five sub tiers Ⅰ-Ⅳ
  4. Diamondfive sub tiers Ⅰ-Ⅳ also offer you a specific gun skin when you complete 5 matches in a diamond tier.
  5. Crownfive sub tiers Ⅰ-Ⅳ also offer you a unique crown season name tag after the season gets over.
  6. Acefive sub tiers Ⅰ-Ⅳ also offer you a unique ace season name tag along with Legendary Team effect, parachute and season ace title.
  7. Conqueror - The highest and ultimate tier in the rank tier list. five sub tiers Ⅰ-Ⅳ also offer you Mythic Team effect, conqueror tier profile frame and season conqueror title.
Nowadays due to the large number and decent popularity among the game. Several scripts and hacks are rolling out from which some players use and reach to the conqueror tier. Due to half of the lobby is filled with hackers.

In my opinion, playing in the ACE tier would be the best choice rather than dying from a hacker. 

As far our today's topic is also for How to Reach ACE Tier in PUBG Mobile! Which is completely the Easiest Guide Ever.

How to Reach ACE Tier in PUBG Mobile! 

How to Reach ACE Tier in PUBG Mobile! Easiest Guide Ever.

After going into the detailed guide of how to reach ace tier in the easiest methods. You're going to thanks me because the guide has no rocket-science or nothing. 

A beginner who had recently started playing PUBG Mobile can also master this guide easily. If he/she applies the steps properly.

(1) Squad Selection.

If you are pushing your rank in PUBG Mobile. The first element you have to sensible about your squad teammates. Data has proven a single player can ruin the whole squad and you might be lacking points. 

Try to play with your friends or clan members with whom you are comfortable. Mutual thoughts for the gameplay is also a key-factor to conquer the match.

(2) Voice Chats.

Make sure you and your team members mics are working due to some glitch in some games mic don't work.

Lack of communication during the match can also face you some unwanted situations which you can easily defeat by communicating with each other. Also, avoid unnecessarily voice chats like enemies ahead or supplies if not required. 

Sometimes it distracts the player eyesight from the one who they are aiming.

(3) Avoid hot-drops while landing.

Hot-drops mainly are those places which in below the plane line. Which we see while moving on a plane.

Always try to land in the opposite direction from the line or you can take vehicles from the highway roads and reach to non-hot-drops locations ex- Zharki, Quarry, Shooting Range, Quarry, stall-bar, kameshki (if you are playing duo match because there loot is limited). Also, you can go to spawn iland but make sure to get a vehicle with you.

(4) Loot Structure. 

Many of us make the mistake of carrying unwanted loots which fill the bag quickly and trouble you in gaming.

While looting guns and bullets are not only the key which will make you survive, every consumable element is required to win the match.

  • 2 Aasualt Riffles - ScarL, M416 or AKM. Bullets - 180 in each rifle.
  • If you are good at sniping then collect 60 to 90 bullets which are enough for one who snipes.
  • 3 Frag-grenades.
  • 4 Smoke grenades.
  • Always attach required muzzles, grips and stack to your weapons.
  • Carry 3 First-aids, 3 pain-killers, 10 bandages and 4 energy drinks.

This is a decent piece loot structure which can easily carried-out by the secondary-level bag. Don't do over looting.

(5) Deal in the Blue Zone.

While in match try to survive in the first of two blue zones. The zones will eventually low your health and by healing-up, your survival ratio will increase.

This will help you in boosting your rankings. 

(6) Always travel with 4wheeler.

Fourwheeler will help you to get back to the safe zone faster and also while moving to different locations help you to save you from the random shots. 

It can also be used as a cover in the last zone if the zone is in open space. All you have to explode the vehicle and make a steady cover.

(7) Get some damaged by bots.

Bots are often rendered in any classic mode matches. You will spot 2-4 bots in every single match.

Before killing them let them give you some amount of damage which you later heal-up and also later you can kill them and secure your kill count.

(8) Practise in Training Mode.

Before entering to the classic match make sure to practice one to two matches in Arena or ordinary training mode.

It will flex your finger movements and make your eye-sight more vibrant. So while playing in classic mode you can focus accurately.

(9) TOP-10.

If you are rank pusher then your main goal is to be at-least in TOP-10 in every single match. Try if you can make chicken dinner or survive to top-5.

These will increase your points in great amount. 

(10) Don't Rush Unknowingly.

Many players are desperate for increasing their kills and they suddenly push to the opponent's team without knowing the surrounding circumstances. 

Kills are very important for rank pushing. But the concern is never pushing unknowingly. Even if you have knocked one of the opponent team players. Then first give a call to your squad, Make sure your squad is ready while pushing with you.

Understand if there are any other teams is trying to do the third party on the same squad you had knock down.

(11) Skip air-drops.

There are certain chances of several teams to collapse with each other. Everyone wants to loot the air-drop and operate AWM or M249. 

If the drop is out from hot locations or safe circle, you can loot it. Once you are assured there are no chances of any other squad to come across. In such a situation you can loot the airdrops.

(12) Leadership Quality.

In every squad, one player should honour the leadership responsibility and rest squad player should look after his decisions.

You can correct the decisions. If you find it is going totally improper. It will help you to serve a peaceful ending.

When all the four players are trying to keep their points during the match it goes you to lose your match. Mutual understanding is important. Mostly if the leader will assist the calls then it may also cause you less noise and you can better focus on your game.

(13) Map Selection.

Every player of PUBG is fond of Erangle Map. Many players prefer to play as it is the vast map. But in rank pushing the best suggestion will be Sanhok Map.

I know Sanhok second name is snake city. But trust me it saves more time compare to Erangle map and grant you similar points ratio. Also if talking about loot, Sanhok is the best for mass looting.

Here we have state complete Easiest Guide Ever for How to Reach ACE Tier in PUBG Mobile! If you follow these tips accurately I bet you are going to push your rank in very less span of time.

How to rank up fast in PUBG Mobile.

To be very honest raising your tier or rank in the game is not so easy now-a-time because of there a plenty number of users who are also trying to raise their tier quickly in Pubg mobile.

But, there will be never an impossible factor, if you follow our pro-tips accurately and implement in your gaming. I would state you clear one thing there no rocket-method to raise your tier.

All you have to be patient, be alert & focus on your gameplay...

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