Eight-Steps To Become a Pro CS: GO Player!

Like a lot of other players you probably want to become professional at counter-strike, why wouldn't you make money from playing a game that you love would be the dream.

Yeah, there are not many places that you can find that will show you how you can actually become a
pro player so in today's article we will be going through the top ten ways you can become professional at Counter-Strike.

Eight-Steps To Become a Pro CS: GO Player

Eight-Steps To Become a Pro CS: GO Player!
Counter-Strike Pro

 #1. Team Selection 

We have joined a serious team to make it in CS: GO you have to be a team player. You can't be alone wolf in this scene, it won't work if you want to get your name notice in your country statistics.
Then you'll need a team while getting your name out there is incredibly important being on a team of like-minded players can push you further than you would have ever pushed yourself.

Surround yourself with others who share the same ambition as you and then feed off it, on the other hand, you may hate your teammates hopping from team to team won't work.

You may have legitimately got stuck with a really bad team, however, if you keep helping several teams and everybody's still lurking you calm down you might be the problem yourself in CS: GO and for life, you'll be stuck with people you'd rather not be around. 

However, you respond to that is equally as important as the people around you. 

In best case scenario you have a team with great chemistry that makes everybody push themselves to the next level or is case scenario your stick with a horrible team that you have to push through to get to the next level yourself, either way, be on a team you need it there's a whole subreddit devoted to CS: GO teams and you can browse Twitter for about five minutes just to find one no more excuses.

 #2 Game Networking 

Game Networking is knowing the right people is well over half the battle CS: GO is an online game and I'm sure none of you are unfamiliar with this online landscape.

Your online presence is one of the most important things in order to meet the right people in the scene whether you're interacting with high-profile players and coaches on Twitter or equally skilled players on Reddit it's all important!

Most of the members from the group Brock Hampton met on Kanye West. If you don't know who they look them up and this story everything they did can be applied here build up a repertoire of connections treat people right gain favours be known for being a good reliable person treat it like a mafia movie.
If that helps you just don't mess anybody, but you know what I mean half the reason anybody goes to college anymore is the fact that college makes networking soon cheesier.

But let's be real you don't need to spend $80,000 to meet the right people no matter where you live what country what timezone anything the Internet has made it possible for anybody to know anybody utilize that because most people don't think about it.

Anyone can speak to anyone and you're just going to sit there and practice and train by yourself you're going to try and get every good idea by yourself
You should be so active that people will see you on different platforms and know who you are from Reddit or when you play a game the other team recognizes you if you want to be a Pro CS: Go player or any other game.

 #3 Serious Training Routine 

There are a lot of things that go into a real training routine that is actually beneficial and efficient.

We talk about it a lot but let's drive this home to make your training a routine worth it. You have to craft it for yourself. You have to create safe focused practice intentionally and treat every minute like it counts because every minute does count. 

Practice with teammates, practice drills, create plays practice isn't just landing headshots on the aimbots map definitely use those maps but don't just settle for that being the only training the routine 

You have flashes baseline stuff should be practising your aim for about 30 minutes before doing any sort of planing game.
What I'm talking about is drills work for the team in-game to practice chemistry positioning call-outs just everything, find your weak spots and practice those even harder at the absolute lowest and bare. 

Minimum you should be practising two hours a day outside of actual competitive play if you're trying to be pro.

You can't hold any punches you should be dedicating yourself to practice every single day maybe have one or two designated off days in a week but every workday you're practising and getting better to be a pro. 

You have to work harder than approved for no money for a while no compromises if you want to be a pro you have to spend time take your training seriously it doesn't matter if it's a video game.
You not gonna care which people laugh at you for its practice with the right mentality and confidence in yourself combined with solid networking is a dangerous combo. 

That will end it with your chances are breaking it into the pro scene faster than anything else.

 #4 Study or Understanding the Game. 

You need to understand the game to become one of the best simply playing in and picking up bad habits whilst doing so will not help you in the long run but somehow it will benefit.
You should try listening to the commentary for the pro streams as the casters and analysts will be talking through what the players are doing and how the strategy will work after each game. 

The analysts also talk through what has happened and what may be the next move and these guys really know what they're talking about!

Another way to study the game would be to watch higher ranking / Pro players play. Watching your favourite players stream the game will not only be entertaining but beneficial as you'll be able to study what he or she does.

Watching your replays of games and seeing where you went wrong or where you didn't check a corner or angle, it's also a great way to study the game and to improve for the next match.

You could also get a coach to watch you as you play and if you're making mistakes they can tell you this is how all the pro teams play anyway - joining a team with an experienced coach will have a huge impact on the way you learn and play.

Even things like reading guides on the internet can help you throw your knowledge of the game it can give you small bits of useful information which then it can be used to overcome your opponents will give you tactical advantages in matches 

 #5 Find A Mentor! 

It doesn't matter if you have a mentor in CS: GO, who is three years older than you or a mentor in your personal life who is 50 years older than you. 

Buddhist talks about life, in general, both are even better but having a mentor with more life experience than you who you trust and respect is absolutely priceless not only will this help you figure out how to practice better and how to balance things better.

But it will also help you be more confident and aware that will help your mind as you study the game on top of all that having a mentor will help your gaming maturity. 

When you're a young promising prospect of a player are already appealing to teams and orcs
stack maturity on top of that within your network in interaction with your teammates, you become ten times more appealing to sign and people will be willing to spend money on you.

I've like to rest from the main point but mentors who believe in you will change your gaming sense for the better in countless ways.

CS: GO  being an Internet game makes it way too easy to disconnect from people most people who play CS: GO don't have a legitimate mentor take advantage of that learn from those who are more experienced than you whether it's just a coach or some random lads granddad 

 #6  Utilise face it in an ESEA 

Utilise face it in an ESEA if you want to be noticed for your player skills grinding out face it to reach FPL challenger or FPL will help with your recognition and will also drastically increase your chances of being picked up by a higher level team.

As having FPL status is a good, solo achievement FBI there's more of a goal for EU as I don't
believe that the NA face it's seen is as big as the EU, so if you're from any grinding for ranks this would be the same it will take a big grind to get to these points, however, neither of them are impossible and both will significantly increase your name and notoriety esáa

 #7 Competing in ESEA leagues 

Competing in ESEA leagues are a great place to get recognized however you will already need a team this doesn't have to be a pro team it can just be a serious team or just a mix of
your friends. 

But going through the stages of ESEA leagues will get you noticed by organizations looking to pick
up CS teams. If you do well you progressed to intermediate main advanced and then MDL. 

Once you are at advanced or MDL you can start to ask organizations for salary free tickets to
advance or anything along those lines. Leagues also offer good prize pools and at this stage of the career.
You will need to start to show your ability at your best as Scouts will constantly be looking for you and your team.

 #8 Short Team Goals 

Set short team goals, of course, the ultimate goal of those of you is to go pro but getting from point A to B is not so simple. 

Short team goals are necessary to maintain your vision and to be confident in your day-to-day training a lot of the points on this article can be based on short team goals whether it is joining a team getting a soon shot or pre-fire down finding a teammate.

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