Hey people, Thanks to be back to our blog, As the PUBG Mobile Season-13 has finally rolled out with tons of exciting and spectacular attachments. Which is especially based on Toy-Ground theme. 

Players are cleared with what developers had offered to uplift the interest for the update. Officials always serve the unique recipe which people love to adapt. Also In the current topic, we are going to know to discover the easiest way to achieve dessert tourist achievement in PUBG Mobile.

Desert Tourist Achievement 

Desert Tourist Achievement

Along with the Update of 0.18.0 the game has offered a new currency to players which is called AG Currency but hold on, here is the process to achieve the currency in the game.

To unlock the AG currency, initially you have to complete the dessert tourist achievement first. 

If you're willing to complete this achievement then you must have to voyage the deserts of Miramar. You won't believe the achievement can be ready for you in a matter of a few classic mode matches. It can refer to a reward by officials or they are insisting to make you more attentive on Miramar map.

Requirements to reach dessert tourist achievemnt 

The following conditions are super-easy which can accomplish by a beginner too, here are total six-easy steps which you have to complete to achieve the dessert tourist achievement. 

All the conditions can be complete only in Miramar map! 

  1. Number of Energy drink used in the Oasis. - 0/1
  2. Number of Molotov Cocktails used in the Ruins. - 0/1
  3. Number of kills while driving Golden Mirado. - 0/1
  4. Number of leaps off the Ramp while driving any vehicle. - 0/3
  5. Number of headshots with the Win-94. - 0/1
  6. Number of times, 8 drinks are obtained by the New Vending Machine. - 0/1
So, as we can read all the conditions are appealing for one or two number of unit to get done. The requirement list as been stated, now let's discover the steps to complete it in few attempt.

#Steps to complete dessert tourist achievement 

The steps are as claimed for easiest but then too, if you are worried to make it happen in less span of period, then you can change the server to middle-east and play.

Once you enter to the lobby of Miramar map, you'll be noticing the shade of sand-storm which is likely going to appear on 12th May 2020, in the map. Let us know whoever is excited to play the sandstorm mode.

Let's dive-in to the detailed process for it:

  • Number of Energy drink used in the Oasis. 0/1
    Basically, there is a new location included in the Miramar map, known for Oasis. Which is directed towards North-side, one has to simply visit the new location then loot for the single energy drink and booze it.
  • Number of Molotov Cocktails used in the Ruins. 0/1
    Hang on, after listening to ruin don't get mistake to travel from Miramar to Sanhok. Ruins is also a new place which is inserted in the Miramar map and it is located in the north-west portion.

    Simply you have to visit Ruins and search for the Molotov, once you find it. Just release and get burned and return to the lobby back.
  • Number of kills while driving Golden Mirado. 0/1The Golden Mirado is an epic vehicle which is only available in Miramar map. The elegant look of the vehicle gives you a premium feel while driving.

    As the vehicle is majestic, unluckily it is single unit you can render in the map. It is located near Hacienda del Patron territory, inside the garage.

    You have to search for one Golden Mirado and simply you can rush on a bot to secure your kill.
  • Number of leaps off the Ramp while driving any vehicle. - 0/3
    You can drive any vehicle which is available and you have to just search for the race track ramps and use it for stunting your vehicle for 3 times.
  • Number of headshots with the Win-94. - 0/1
    Win-94 counts in specific guns which we found only in Miramar map. 

    Also, developers had made some improvements in the gun for accuracy and plus you can attach a specific scope also. So the task is clear to search for a Win-94 and try to target a bot and secure your headshot.
  • Number of times, 8 drinks are obtained by the New Vending Machine. - 0/1
    Vending Machine is a brand new add-on to obtain some energy drinks or pain killers.

    Your luck decides how many drinks you can get from a single vending machine. Possibilities are also there you can acquire 8 drinks with-in single attempt.

    So the deal is for a total 8 drinks, simple try your luck and complete it. Pecado is the place where you can avail the vending machine easily.

Once the six-easy steps are completed you can achieve the title for dessert tourist. Additionally, the reward would be 150 Ace-Gold Currency for wrapping-up the missions. 

Hope, you had understood it properly. If there are any doubts popping in your head, let me know in the comment box below. Thank you!

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