PUBG Mobile Season 13: Hot Air Balloon & New Exciting Modes

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Sitting all day at home and skipping PUBG would be a second-toughest task. I'm sure all are going madly about playing PUBG in this current situation and also we all are always awaited for the latest upcoming PUBG Mobile Season leak Updates.

As Season-12 has been a boomed and completely based on PUBG Mobile Anniversary Event overall. But Now, the Tencent developers, are working on Royalle Pass Season 13 and it is also going to blast your mind with their exciting new modes & updates. I know you are extremely fascinated to get an idea of  PUBG Mobile SEASON 13 UPDATE. Therefore all you have to do is stick to the article until the end.

PUBG Mobile SEASON 13: 

The developers had worked significantly, to intensify their user's interest. In the upcoming PUBG Mobile Season 13, we're going to get all new epic legendry outfits, armours and new emotes. 

It very common to get all those stuff in every fresh update but surprise won't stop here. In the update of Season-13, we are also going to get remastered Miramar Map where you will going to see epic alteration which will charged-up your interest to play the Miramar Map and also some impressive changes in Sanhok Map too.

 Also, there are exciting new modes, rewards and Hot Air-Balloon. Which we will discuss down below.

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 SEASON 13: Released Date?

According to the sources, the release date of PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Season 13 will be arriving in the Month of May and the expected date will be 13 May 2020. 

Due to some technical issue or the COVID-19 pandemic. The beta version for the 0.18.0 update has been delayed there is no such confirmed date of getting the beta version. The sources are believed it can be released in upcoming 2-3 days or in a week.

Players can also expect Season-13 as soon the Season-12 get ends.

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 SEASON 13: New Modes?

All images and leaks are out from the Officials of PUBG Mobile. 

- Jungle Adventure Guide

Jungle Adventure Guide PUBG Mobile: Hot Air Balloon & New Exciting Modes
Jungle Adventure Guide

The Mode is highly designed to have a decent experience of Jungle Book. Where you are going to enjoy every aspect which you mainly notice while you travel in a jungle.

In this Mode, players are going to get a Hot Air-balloon to ride-on. You can also navigate the hot-air balloon where you get a controller for it to operate in the air according to your choice.

You can also travel with your enemy in the same air-balloon but unluckily you cant know your opponent while travelling in it. The mode is placed in the Sanhok Map.

- Safety Scrambled Mode

Safety Scrambled Mode PUBG Mobile: Hot Air Balloon & New Exciting Modes
Safety Scrambled Mode

The official says- Erangle just got more dangerous! Find the best spots and scramble for survival. 

Basically, Safety Scrambled Mode is going to be a brand new EVO-ground Mode. The mode will be only available in Erangle Map. 

As we can see in the above image, where there is a total of two Safe zone circles. The thought behind the Safety Scrambled Mode gameplay is you have to save yourself from the inner purple-filled circle and has to find a safe spot in the bigger second circle to fight and survive till the Chicken dinner.

The epic part of the Safety Scrambled Mode is, you're going to face two different blue zones where one is the inner purple-filled circle and the second one will be the ordinary blue zone which we usually face in a normal. which going to appear from the edges of the map.

- Miramar Remastered 2.0.

Dut to decrease in attention towards Miramar map in Pubg Mobile. Tencent developers had remastered the Miramar to enhance the player experience. 

(a) Sand Storm.

- The Sand storm mode is going to excite you and make you gaming more hardcore. There will be a complete storm where your eye-sight is going to be dusty and it would be challengable to get a fight in the sand storm.

(b) Vending Machine at (Petrol-pump).

- Yes, now there is a vending machine at the petrol pump in Miramar map. Where you can get an energy drink, pain-killers and related medicate stuff for your healing. 

(c) Golden Mirado.

- The Golden Mirado is a classic muscle car. The Mirado in golden colour actual gives a premium feel and experience to the player. It can usually found in around main city streets and downtown areas in Miramar. 
Vehicle Golden Mirado
Occupants 4
Health 200
Top Speed 152 km/h
Type/found Dessert land(Miramar)
(d) Water City.

We had already adventure the water city, Rozhok in Erangal Map. Now we can enjoy the water park in Remastered Miramar update. In the thirsty land of Miramar. A city of Water will surplus the attention of the users.

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 SEASON 13: Reward Leaks?

According to the leaks, the upcoming new Royale Pass is going to offer new legendry out-fits like the Mr Kitty Set. New Sushy dog ornament, the Armed Hound Set, new emotes, new parachute skins and much more.


The gameplay is provided by ARCHAK gaming.

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