Top 9 New Features of Cheer Park in PUBG Mobile Season 13!

Hey folks, welcome you'll. In this latest article of our PUBG Mobile Season 13 - Cheer Park and also about its nine New Exciting Features we would likely be going to get in the upcoming update.

In the beta version of 0.18.0, PUBG Mobile has a 1.5 GB update on the 17th of April and there are a lot of cool features inside it, which you will enjoy knowing.

What is Cheer Park in PUBG Mobile Season 13?

Top 9 New Features of Cheer Park in PUBG Mobile Season 13!

Basically, Cheer park is going to be a large space filled up with lots of exciting features which will discuss below and the Cheer Park in Pubg Mobile Season 13 is also similar to our Training Mode which we have in our game. Also, you can say it is a new version of Training Mode 2.0. in PUBg Mobile

Where the exciting variation in the Cheer park is actually going to improve your training mode experience. While you won't get bored while training. Without more due let's explore the Cheer Park Top 9 New Features of Cheer Park in PUBG Mobile Season 13!

Cheer Park Top 9 New Features in PUBG Mobile Season 13!

(1) Side Scope (Canted Sight).

Canted Sight was introduced earlier during the Vekindi Launch Trailer. It has been a long-delayed for Side scope to bring to the action. Almost a year the developers had announced about the Canted Sight which now we are going to experience in the Cheer Park Mode.

Side Scope (Canted Sight) is basically an option to attach and perform two different scopes to a separate gun. 

Use of Side Scope: Many times when we aim to the enemy with 6x or higher scope which is way far from us and suddenly a different enemy attacks us in close combat, such a situation it becomes hard to switch the scope quickly therefore in the above image. We got a side scope option which allows you to toggle the scope quickly. 

(2) New Training Town.

In the New Training Town, there would be several new buildings, Cafeteria, Office where you can train yourself how to get hide, rotate or peak from such places. Also, there is added trampoline, and as the Season 13 is the toy-based update you would see some Slides, Swings and roller-coster

There is also an interactive thing which is Sitting tables in front of the Cafeteria, where you can make your player sit and calm.

(3) Customise Side Scope.

As we have customizable settings for red-doy and holographic sight. Now we can also customise our Side Scope by changing Crosshair colour and Crosshair Style. 

 (4) New Training Game (Fire Zone).

Here is a Brand New game named 'Fire Zone'. Where you can practise and improve your aiming. By using some tokens you will be able to participate in the game. There is also a Dashboard Live Screen where the winners will be displayed according to their ranking in the Fire Zone game.

(5) Roasting Chicken.

Here you can see a tandoor chicken is getting roasted in the skewer. You can Sit around it and watch your Chicken Dinner getting prepared. 

(6) Quick Switch Mode.

While you are in Cheer Park Training mode you can switch your mode to directly classic match, Arcade mode, Evo-ground mode or any of it while being in training. 

You don't have to quit or end the cheer park mode you can instantly switch the mode.

After clicking that option you get detailed choosing option for any mode you are getting to switch.

(7) Train with your Squad.

Before it is an only individual player training mode but in the upcoming update of Cheer Mode, you can add your friends, recent, clan and crew members.

Adding your teammates or friends and training togetherly can improve your squad performance.

(8) Daily Missions.

You can also be going to get daily missions for which you will be rewarded ZS diamonds which have discussed in the last two articles.

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(9) Click Pictures by Camera.

The last features are Camera option, where you can click awesome pictures through PUBG Mobile Camera in Cheer Park Mode.

There are possibilities the feature is going to available in Classic Mode too. You can picturise yourself with your squad, while performing emotes also an intense battle to keep handsome memories.  

You can also zoom-in and zoom-out while capturing pictures.

So, yes folks that's all for New Features for Cheer Park in PUBG Mobile till now. Hope you are excited about the upcoming update. And if you had like our article share with your friends and family! Thank you

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