New Train Update in PUBG Mobile Vikendi Map - Remastered Vikendi

A map of Vikendi in PUBG Mobile whose story is not yet known to anyone. And for the same reason, we don't play it much, but in such a situation PUBG mobile is not going to stay humble.

Now they have thought of developing this map again or you can say with this, this map will be remastered again.

Recently, such news was also available that even 2.0 version of PUBG Mobile's Erangle map is going to be seen soon. Which is totally genuine information. Erangle 2.0 is already launched in the Chinese version of the PUBG Mobile. But unluckily it is missing out in the global version of PUBG. A lot of articles and media have been spread and it is true that there is not much time to get version 2.0

But in today's article, we will know how and when we are going to see the remastered Vikendi in the upcoming time as well as which interesting updates, we will going to see in this remastered version.

How will be the New Train Update in PUBG Mobile Vikendi Map?

New Train Update in Vikendi Map - Remastered Vikendi

There are no such queries when we come to the new updates of PUBG Mobile. The authorizers never step back to entertain their users with basic adjustments. They always try to fulfil their user's expectations.

In the game of PUBG Mobile, we had seen every general vehicle apart from the train and in the upcoming time, the developers are going to fix this expectation too and there will be the New Train Update in Vikendi Map!

Yes, We are going to see a moving train which will be available in the Vikendi Map. Also not only we can see the train though we can drive it also to reach to our preferred locations.

Tap to view the clear image.
As you can see the above Vikendi Map image, where you can see the blue line routes which are basically the railway track and also you can see the red dot near the dino land.

We used to think for a long time that if we are able to operate a train in our Pubg mobile, then it will be an amazing thing and finally, it is gonna happening soon. Behalf of this article we are going to figure out what major changes we are going to see along with New Train Update in Vikendi Map!, therefore, make sure to stick with us till the end.

Major Changes in Vikendi Map with the New Train Update.

Firstly the New Train Update in Vikendi Map is going to be huge storage consuming update because lots of elements are remasted professionally to advance the gaming performance of the users. And it is also taking a quality span period to arrive in the global version of PUBG Mobile.

Lets figure-out step-by-step the amazing changes we gonna see in the New Train Update in Vikendi Map.

❂ There will be 4 coaches on the train.

❂ You can also fire or aim your enemy while you are travelling on the train.

❂ The Aim-enhancement is done to target your enemy properly while moving.

❂ There is a location in Vekindi known to be Dino-park which soon going to be replaced by Dino Land.

❂ Basically, the Dino-land is going to be huge land where they had added several new buildings, mountains, trees, rides, stalls and much more.

❂ The Colours are more vibrant than before.

❂ Dino land theme is somehow influenced by the Jurassic-park theme.

Rollercoasters and other rides are enlarged. 

❂ In Dino Land, there will be Train Car-shed where all the unused and unrepaired trains will be spawn. It would be a great place to loot or fight around.

❂ You can also travel with your motorcycle on the train.

❂ If any vehicle come in front of the train then it will get exploited.

❂ Vikendi Remastered will be more elegant and classy compare ti Erangle 2.0.

When will be the New Train Update in Vikendi Map - Remastered Vikendi is going to release?

Hence, As we had stated it is going to be an enormous update so, it will take a quality time up to 6 months to 1 year to see in the global version of PUBG Mobile.

Also currently there is no such updates or patch-notes from the Officials or the developers of PUBg Mobile regarding this special update. If any occurred we will definitely provide you with a detailed update through our website.

If you like to watch the visually then kindly watch the video about New Train Update in Vikendi Map - Remastered Vikendi 

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