Top 10 Mythbusters in PUBG Mobile 2020

PUBG Mobile has been a vast multiplayer online game over the gaming platform. The audience for the game is global. So, as we know the figure of the audience is vast therefore it would be the

So it's very natural to accept the fact that the game is although coming with lots of bugs, issues and Mythbusters.

In today's article, we are not going to analyze the bugs & lag issues problem but we are going to do something different, which is myths about PUBG Mobile which many people render when they usually play.

We will pick one by one questions which you would be found over the web. for which people search answers on the google. So, basically, we would be picking it to try to know which one is Myth & which one is the fact?

So, everyone can play Mythlessly!

Does Mythbusters happen in PUBG Mobile 2020?

Mythbusters are played a phenomenal role in every technical aspect. And its been very general about were exist facts there are some myths tied-up too...

And sometimes myths last stronger than the fact. So it's better to vanish the myth out of your space and live in the facts.

I must it's a kind of interesting topic but also helpful too because when myths are sorted then we can play the game in another tangent. Many times we fear the myths and got spotted or we surrender instead we're we can actually give our best.

So, without wasting more time lets understand the top 10 Mythbusters in PUBG Mobile 2020!

Top 10 Mythbusters in PUBG Mobile 2020!

Top 10 Mythbusters in PUBG Mobile 2020!

Top 10 Mythbusters in PUBG Mobile 2020!

All the questions are from the audience who gripingly play the game and all the answers for the top 10 Mythbusters in PUBG Mobile 2020! are tested. 

  If you throw some frozen eggs under a UAZ or Dacia, it bounces up and down and finally blows up? 

 So, when throw some frozen eggs under a UAZ or Dacia, Yes, it's bounce up&down and finally blows up. hence Myth Confirmed. 

 ➁ You would take less damage if you jump into the water when someone throws a molly on you! 

⇁ After giving a try of multiple times, we have noticed that when you are a victim of the moly then your health gets decreased even if you are under the water. hence Myth Busted.

 ➂ If you switch to FPP and do the breakdown emote while standing close to the wall, you can see through the wall? 

YES, you would say a hack or a glitch to this trick but standing close to a wall and performing breakdown emote can actually make you see the other side of the wall. hence Myth Confirmed.

 ➃ If there are three players in the match and the 3rd player throws a nade between the 1st & 2nd, and immediately get eliminated by one of the opposite players, then what would be the match result? would be a tie! 

According to this kinda situation, it totally depends upon the player's ping. If the player who is doing nade has the higher ping then the opponent he's chances will be more to get eliminate first and the winner will the opponent one. because less the ping higher damage and higher bullet or throwable get registered hence Myth Busted.

  Take smoke in a hand, now press the heal & smoke throw button togetherly. Your character would react weirdly and holds the weapon in a funny way! 

Yes, when you follow these steps your player get stuck in a grenade throwable manner for a while and also look funny. If you want to make your player normal then took a grenade and throw to get back normal. hence Myth Confirmed.

 ➅ You cannot revive someone in a moving cable car! 

⇁  Luckily, it is not true, you can revive your teammate while moving in the cable car just make sure you are greatly closer to your teammate. Myth Busted.

 ➆ You can refuel a vehicle while it's moving! 

In the past updates, it was impossible but in the current version, we can refuel our vehicle while moving and it is also possible with the boat too...just make sure you are not on the driver seat. hence Myth confirmed.

 ➇ A pan doesn't deal damage to your helmet or vest! 

Unfortunately, when you get a hit by a pan your vest and helmet both get effected, hence Myth Busted.

 ➈ You can get unlimited grenades or smoke. If you open the bag and drop the item just after throwing it. 

Yes, it happens condition is you have to hold the smoke in hand keep your bag icon open and the moment you throw out the smoke instantly drop down the smoke from your bag. Hence Myth Confirmed.

 ➉ If you park your vehicle inside the squad house near the main door of the squad house and you open the door from the outside then the vehicle would blow-up! 

Yes, you would call a glitch but it's totally working you can try by your end. hence Myth Confirmed

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