Pubg Mobile Lite 0.16.0 Beta Update | Reward Leaks!

In a span of minimal time, PUBG Mobile Lite version has also created their space with a high-labelled value. It is mainly developed for the players who are fed-up irresistible lag, bugs and error issues found in the Official PUBG Mobile Version.

In a meanwhile time, PUBG lite has created a decent number of the player database. Therefore every existing player of PUBG lite awaits for the upcoming latest update for some new features they can enjoy from.

In today's article, we are going to discover the upcoming features of which we are going to enjoy in the latest update of PUBG Mobile Lite 0.16.0 Beta Update and as we know the new update is already late and delayed from 2-3 months.

There is a high chance to see unique features. So, if you're excited to know the all-new interesting features of what we going to discuss

Then make sure to stick with the article till the end... 

Pubg Mobile Lite 0.16.0 Beta Update | Reward Leaks!

What is Pubg Mobile Lite 0.16.0 Beta Update?

Basically, the PUBG Mobile lite 0.16.0 beta update stand upon the beta version of the game.

Which is updated by the developers to test the latest update issues. As it is rendering some bugs, lags or glitches. So, they can fix it before while uploading on the global version of the game.

All the reward leaks are collected from the beta update.

➧ Pubg Mobile Lite 0.16.0 Beta Update - Key-highlights?

All the exciting and interesting key-highlight feature are going to get us in the upcoming Pubg mobile lite 0.16.0 beta update.

So before wasting more let's figure it out one by one!

  • New Spring Lobby.
  • Room Card option.
  • Victor Character.
  • New Season-10 Elite Winner-pass.
  • Release date - 23 February.
  • New Gun - UMP-45
  • Varenga 2.0
  • Flare-gun

0.16.0 Beta Update Features details:

1.) New Spring Lobby.

⇁  In 0.16.0 update likely you're going to have a brand new spring-based lobby which would be fully designed on a spring theme. 

As we can also notice some events are rolling in the current version, which is a clear hint for the upcoming theme by the officials.

2.) Room-Card Option.

In the upcoming update, we are going to get room-card from which we can assemble matches with our friends.

Likely, it would be rendered in the Elite winner pass reward section, Clan section and Shop.

3.) Victor Character.

The officials are also tried to come up with Victor character in the current 0.15.0 update but unfortunately, the might detected some changes and remove it from the section.

But in the 0.16.0 Update, we are going to see the character of Victor with his private theme lobby and vocals.

4.) New Season-10 Elite Winner-pass.

Season-10 Elite Winner-pass will also be a cherry on the cake with this update because those you own a royale-pass can get double advantage with-in a solo update 

Where you can access more legendary gun skins, vehicles skins and much more.

5.)  New Gun - UMP-45.

UMP9 is being the nicest gun when you land in the play and you are not handling the assault rifles. But due to come changes.

Officials decide to change the name of the gun to UMP-45...

Which is similar by looks but the ammo mag will be of .45. Acp bullets, which we mainly use in Thomas SMG gun. The drill part of the gun is the single mag holds the capacity of a total of 25 bullets. which is quite annoying but it's fine.

Comparison of between 9mm bullets VS .45. Acp bullets. The .45. Acp bullets perform quite well then the 9mm bullets.

6.) Varenga 2.0

Basically, it would be redesigned map in PUBG lite with lots of new personalised areas, buildings and towers.

As we also point a question for the Pubg Mobile Erangle 2.0 delay subject. So, Erangle 2.0 is going to redesigned vastly and the whole map is going to change that's why officials are being aware and making sure to no single issue users can render in the play. That's why it's being delayed.

And if talk about the Varenga 2.0, So, it would not great as Erangle 2.0 but yes it will be an awesome change in the experience of the elite players. It will be recreating intermediately, not so basic and not so professional.

7.) Flare-gun.

We definitely missed-out the key-interest of the match which is flare-gun. 

According to official's sources of from Facebook & Instagram. There has posted a picture of what we store in our bag and there is a flare gun too.

It would be strong possibilities in the upcoming 0.16.0 update, we are going to see a flare-gun.

8.) Release Date: 23 February.

According to the source, the strongest possibility of the release date will be 23rd February, But as we are aware of the immensely spreading of the viral disease of the 'Corona'.

Chances will be it shall late. Let's hope the eclipse of the disease and the mentioned date got approve!

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