PUBG Mobile Get 20 Classic Crate Coupons Free | 100% Working Trick

Hey everyone, how you'll are doing. I hope you are doing well! As you know PUBG Mobile upcoming update has been postponed for some technical reasons.

But I'll say you it's not for the technical reason it's all about the excitement surprizes they are added for us to make our gaming experience more reliable & interesting. I know you'll guys are wondering about my words.

And if you are feeling excited towards the post then, I  would be sharing with you a secret trick from which you can unlock 20 classic crate coupons for free and trust it would be 100% free & working.

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So furthermore dues, let's focus on the trick and also we will know what will be the procedure...

PUBG Mobile Get 20 Classic Crate Coupons Free | 100% Working Trick

PUBG Mobile Get 20 Classic Crate Coupons Free | 100% Working Trick

I know all of us to love when officials of Pubg grant us something valuable and it's at for a minimal rate or for free.

The classic crates are always been a great deal when your lacking for a royale pass because it would be a lean source to get some legendary outfits. What we basically missed out when we are not a member of the royal pass community. But that's normal.

Being out in legendary outfits or armours doesn't decide your gaming skills...

So before getting to the point, let us understand first how it gonna work and what things we have to do to get 20 classic crate coupons for free in PUBG Mobile.

Steps to Get 20 Classic Crate Coupons for free?

Firstly I clear it out for the free 20 Classic crate coupons, unfortunately, you have to be patient & wait until the delayed upcoming update comes live.

As we have the latest update of PUBG Mobile in our device then you have to access your game and reach out to the lobby then the further steps will be mentioned down in the queue.

  1. Login into your PUBG Game ID with the latest updated version.
  2. Open the Mission tab go to the achievement section.
  3. Tap on the General tab which is the last option in the Achievement display bar.
  4. Where you will see the new input of Critic Name option for the achievement concerns.
  5. As you clicked on the 'Critic bar' you will be getting three stages like Critic-ⅰ, Critic-ⅱ,  Critic-ⅲ. All the stage has a different task to be complete and achieve your reward, let's break it down one by one!
  6. Critic-ⅰ stands for 'Rating the items in the PUBG Gallery for over 50 times' for which you will be getting 500 bonus coins as a reward.
  7. Critic-ⅱ stands for 'Rating the items in the PUBG Gallery for over 200 times' for which you will be getting 30 Silver fragments as a reward.
  8. Critic-ⅲ stands for 'Rating the items in the PUBG Gallery for over 500 times' for which you will be getting 5 Classic Crate Coupons as a reward.
We are assuming what actually we are going to watch in the PUBG gallery? what some unique stuff? So the pieces of stuff will be all the newly designed legendary items like armour skins, vehicles skin, parachute skin, aeroplane skin, gun skins and many more 

for that basically, we have to watch their designs and particularly we have to vote their design a star rating for which they will reward us.

As far we have come we have only ended by the 5 Classic crate coupons, right! but wait furthermore free classic crate coupons are waiting for us let's figure it out HOW?

Steps to get Remaining 15 Classic Crates for free?

We must notice one thing from the past from being a part of the PUBG family, is that PUBG teams offer us certain special items but with also some minor task to complete for.

So in the second stage, what task we should have to complete to achieve the remaining 15 Classic Crates for free. Let's understand it step by step!

  1. Step one, as we have seen the Critic-ⅰ section, so simply we have to choose the next down option.
  2. Which is written down in the Chinese language, after we have translated into our language the result is probably we have to play the games, which we will have in the latest update where we will be getting the 2nd-anniversary theme.
  3. And we also know there will be a special section for to play the Mini-games.
  4. Playing the games in the 2nd Anniversary play area we will be getting some points from which we can achieve the Classic Coupon Crates.
  5. Apart from this, we also have to do some task in the PUBG-ban tab section to completely cover-up our remaining classic crate coupons.
Following these methods definitely, you are ending up with 20 classic crate coupons and hope so you'll unlock with some unique legendry items...

That's all for the upcoming update, If we get more update we will be getting back to you. Still, then stay tuned with us. Make sure to follow us on social media and to click the true gamer bell icon to never miss a fresh update from PUBG Insight. Thank you for reading to us!

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