PUBG Mobile Update 0.17.0 is Awesome!! Exciting New Features!

Hey Warriors, welcome back to you with the heartfelt news of Pubginsight, we know that everyone is desperate to know the upcoming news...But PUBG Mobile is one such game where new updates keep coming in, which the audience eagerly looks for and wants.

Due to this, we will be very happy to tell that the update of 0.17.0 of PUBG  Mobile is going to be very great and wonderful, in which there are many new features or say, there are more possibilities of new modes. So you have to be clear about this new update in detail, so stay with this blog till the end.

1st UPDATE:- 5 Magical Crates.

As we can see every crate has its different colour and for different benefits also, There is a total of five kinds of colours available. Magenta, Green, Yellow, Red & Blue. These crates will be supposed to be found in Payload mode in the upcoming new mode in 0.17.0 update. Which you will be getting spawn crates anywhere in the map. The use of the magical crates would be you have to pick it up and release it according to the need and use of it. The main note for the crate is every single crate take different duration to load up but the highest duration would be 120sec to get load before getting it to the action, further utilise it according to the specification and benefit of the crate. let's get to the first magical crate.

(1.) Magenta Crate.

Once you picked up the Magenta crate wait for 120 sec to get it to load then the use & benefit of the crate will be you have to open the crate where you will be getting a tiny repair tool stall.

Use: Just you can throw the crate out and it will appear as Repair tool Stall.

Benefit: With the help of the Tiny Repair Stall you can heal-up your damage types of equipment like helmet, vest & vehicle. 

(2.) Green Crate.

As you picked up the Green crate wait for 120 sec to get prepared than the use & benefit of the crate will be you can revive your teammate easily by throwing the revive injection towards your teammate, in case he is far from you.

(3.)  Yellow Crate.

As you picked up the yellow crate wait for 60 sec to get it prepared than the use & benefit of the crate will be you can utilise it as a temporary cover mainly whenever you are spotted in the open space or in the last circle, it can help you for a minimal span of time during in excessive bolt actions.

Use: Just drop in front of you wherever you spot in open.

Benefit: As the shield appear you can reload your guns or heal-up yourself and you can also revive your teammate in the meanwhile period. But remember the shield gets broken if it gets exploited by excessive bullets. You can also repair your vehicle if it's near to get an exploit. You can use the yellow vehicle repair attachment to get it done.

(4.) Red Crate.

As you picked up the red crate wait for 30 sec to get it prepared than the use & benefit of the crate will be it will boost-up your player's performance in the play.

Use:  Just release the crate whenever you are in need.

Benefit: It will enhance your player's performance by making it speedy & active. So, you can grab it benefit whenever you are found in a red circle or blue zone. It will also help you to wipe-up a squad when the is 1vs4 situation.

(5.) Blue Crate.

As you picked up the blue crate wait for only 20 sec to get it prepared than the use & benefit of the crate will be you can climb any of the highest peak or places wherever you want. 

Use: Just tap on the yellow circled icon to hop upwards to any of the tops.

Benefit: It will make you climb any of the top areas in one tap from where you can spot enemies easily and target them or you can also rescue yourself if you are rushed by a squad.

2nd UPDATE:- Death Camera Added.

You have been noticed the situation like sometimes we got killed without knowing the accurate view or the accurate incident?? but luckily in 0.17.0 update, there would be Death Cam where you can see your replay of getting how you got killed!

3rd UPDATE:- Color-Blind Effects.

These Color-blind effects will help players who are facing screen colours issue where they can activate it from settings and smoothen their eye-sight on the gameplay.

4th UPDATE:- New winter Mode.

There will be a new winter mode in pay-lab section. Where you get 100-players lobby which would be kind of similar to payload mode. 


During the match, you will get a signal of a snow blizzard wind, where you have to find a place to hit-up a bonfire barrel to keep your player in a warm atmosphere or else your player starts losing its health. You can also add tree branches into the bonfire or you can cook roast meat for your meal.


You can fly a drone in an upcoming winter mode to locate the safest place in the map or to spot the enemies for were they camping around. It will help you to break down the opponent's strategies.

Hand Heater. 

In the blooming winter wind, you can hand-up a hand heater lamp which will create some warm surrounding within you to travel around during the snow blizzard wind.


You will get a chance to ride a ski-board in this mode. which help you when your totally vehicle less.

Chickens. (Hens).

Hens are added for players fooding. If your player gets hungry you can shot a hen and carry-up to roast in a bonfire for a healthier meal.

That's all for the upcoming update, If we get more update we will be getting back to you. Still, then stay tuned with us. Make sure to follow us on social media and to click the true gamer bell icon to never miss a fresh update from PUBG Insight. Thank you for reading to us!

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