Official Release Date of 0.17.0 Update in Pubg Mobile.

Official Release Date of 0.17.0 Update in Pubg Mobile.

Hey, guys welcome to our blog, We know you people are impatiently waiting for a new update in Pubg Mobile. 

But there is some good news and bad news for Pubg mobile fans. We understand that you guys were expecting the upcoming update on 11 Feb or nearly around in Feb. 

But it has been delayed for a few weeks. Pubg Mobile team has announced the confirm date of 0.17.0 and many more things. But you all know that season 11 soon going to ends on March 3rd 2020 and next season which is season 12 will also get a delay because of 0.17.0 update. 

Pubg mobile team also announced that before season 12 Pubg team will launch o.17.o update in march 1st week. Pubg Mobile team have also given some information about season 12 update through twitter.

So let's have a look at what the team has said and we will guide you in detailed. And to know more information and confirm date of 0.17.0 update read our blog till the end.

official date of 0.17.0 update in pubg mobile.


Pubg team has officially announced that on occasion of 2-Anniversary Pubg Mobile will bring again old items of  1st Anniversary. These items will be detected on the 0.17.0 beta update. Which also means you guys can expect Brilliant anniversary set as well as headgear and helmet. The L&Q Chicken Skin for M762, Anniversary Backpack, Street Art  Kar98K, Elite Solider Set last but not least the Lucky  Rabbit Set will also come back.

 If you missed out any item in past you can get easily again from 0.17.0 update which will be soon going to release. However, if some of you already have old items then its bad news for you guys. 

Because according to Mr Ghost gaming, Pubg mobile update was roll out on Feb 11 but now it got delay for a few weeks. So, people who have the 1st-anniversary items already, you guys have to wait for 0.17.0 update to get new items. 


Pubg mobile has been already described that the next season which is season 12 is going to title "2GETHER WE PLAY". Theme going to be colourful and will have a variety of outfits, Assault rifle any more things, soon you will see on 0.17.5 update.

But it will arrive late because of 0.17.0 update which has been delayed.  Maybe season 12  will arrive in mid of march but, it is not yet confirmed from Pubg teams. 


Finally, the wait is over the release date is confirm and officially announced by Pubg mobile creators. Firstly it was going to update on 11 Feb, but it is delayed for a few weeks. 

Now the confirm date rolls out it is 3 MARCH 2020. And it is the official date which has been announced. So let's wait for a few weeks for this new update, till then we will get small duration events until the 0.17.0 update arrives.

Stay tuned with us and we will let you know if anything changes in the update and we will update you new more information regarding Pubg mobile.

 That's all for the upcoming update, If we get more update we will be getting back to you. Still, then stay tuned with us. Make sure to follow us on social media and to click the true gamer bell icon to never miss a fresh update from PUBG Insight. Thank you for reading to us!


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