Call Of Duty Mobile: 9 Tips & Tricks | A Basic Guide for beginners!

Call Of Duty Mobile: 9 Tips & Tricks | A Basic Guide for beginners!

As we know the developers of call of duty were the old competitors in the gaming industry. As we had also enjoyed the PC version Call of Duty. Which was a massive hit around the globe?

Now-a-time gaming industry has enhanced its serving quality of gaming. Every developer is trying to give a real-touch feeling in their game. PUBG Mobile has also been a boom on the same page. It has also created a pretty number of user database in the meanwhile time.

So, how would be the developers of Call of duty will remain behind. Everyone knows out the mobile version of Call of duty has also been out which is Call of Duty Mobile.

Which was initially released on 1st October 2019. It is free to play first-person perspective shooting game. Where you can slightly compare it with PUBG Mobile. But, every developer tries to be different in the box always. Therefore the gaming ethics, settings & controls are too different from each other.

In this post, we're discovering some Secret Tips & Tricks of Call of Duty Mobile. Which the game doesn't tell you!

Call Of Duty Mobile: 9 Tips & Tricks | A Basic Guide for beginners!

How the 9 Tips & Tricks of Call Of Duty Mobile going to help your game?

Every game is a puzzle in itself. The condition is to follow the right way to accomplish & masters the most lacking factor we found in the game.

Some games definitely need a  pretty amount of brainwork, to master's any game in a span of minimal time then your basic setting & controls should be accurate, which will help us out all over the gaming.

Therefore, these 9 Tips & Tricks of Call Of Duty Mobile will be going to enhance your gaming to the next level.

I'll also suggest you'll every game or strategies need practice to masters it... Before any more due let's get into the in-depth knowledge to improve your gaming skills.

Key features: 

• Helps you to be calm & less cautious while playing.
• Helps you to understand the Call of duty Mobile Gaming format.
• Improves your skills & tactics in gaming.
• Makes a concentrate connect with the game. 

Call Of Duty Mobile: 9 Tips & Tricks

These 9 Tips & Tricks of Call of Duty will amaze you and make more understandable with the game which the developers don't tell us.

(1) You're playing against bots until level 7.

Now, this is kinda like the way that PUBG rolls out obviously the game gonna played by a whole bunch of more casual players or first-timers to games like Call of duty or PUBG Mobile.

So, the vasts majority of matches that you get into on those first few levels is actually filled with bots. They are just located around the map, as you be active in the game in very few secs you'll be noticing a fire from very close range.

Mainly they are set-up by the developers for the newbies to understand and play the game correctly. Killing bots in the game actually increase your killstreaks and reward you some bonuses for it.

As the Call of duty Mobile is new in the stream that's why the user database of players is for which you will be facing robots until you reach level 7.

(2) Do not forget to claim your unlocked items.

In the fresh period of mine on Call of Duty Mobile. I don't even know 20 matches before realizing that there's a tiny little icon on the main menu hiding all sorts of unlockable rewards.

The sort of things have been triggering each match and you just need to tap on it and you have whole load stuff that you can claim.

It is based on headshots, killstreaks and downing x numbers of team members etc which is all stored in the yellow small star icon from where you can unlock it.

(3) Use a controller.

Instead of fumbling with the touch controls right out of the gate go ahead and grab a gamepad. I originally control the support was taken away after the game launch but we're glad to say its back and its wonderful.

Just head to the things, we need the controller tab and select allowed to use the controller and also make sure you sync up the BlueTooth on your controller.

It's simple but just remember only official Ps4 & Xbox one controllers are supported at the current moment. 

(4) Advance aiming.

Basic aiming setting has your gun firing automatically whenever an enemy is on your sight. It's great for beginners and for fighting against bots but there is a bit of a delay in your fire.

So when you want to go head-to-head with real player's you're going to want a bit more control...

The advanced aiming feature, on the other hand, lets you fire weapons manually increasing precision and conserving ammo in the process. We also suggest that you always aim-down your sights when firing your weapons

And don't shoot from the hip as every bullet matters the accuracy is key. A stray bullet is a difference between unlucky more gear and heading back to the main menu empty-handed.

(5) Take advantage of bots.

Early on the game, you'll notice that your competitors seem to be far to be easy to be others players well that's because you are actually playing against a low-level computer AI.

When you hit level-10 however you'll mostly be playing against human players and you'll see sharp increase incompetence of your opponents so our advice is to take advantage of these early stages and build and develop your skillset for the later levels.

Which will eventually help you to unlock some rewards by ranking up your XP.

(6) Practice versus enemy A.I.

Piggybacking off the previous tip, you can always return to unranked multiplayer matches against Computer AI to hone your skills.

If you are butt whooped in PvPplay just head to the multiplayer menu and select versus AI opponents may want to judge you. There's a lot of world-class snipers in Call of duty mobile online play.

So to be at your head shutting vest and stand a chance of surviving, you're gonna need to practice, practice and practice.

 (7) Get those Nukes!

Yes, there's Call of duty game and yes there are nukes want to completely annihilate every player on the map with the press of a button.

Well, it takes a bit of work beforehand you need two things. first off you need to reach level 20 before you can call in a nuke. Which comes as natural as you progress to the game.

But, second and much harder is that you need to achieve a kill streak of 20 in the match. When you are able to kill 20 people in a row without dying, of course, you'll be granted one big ol new to do as you please.

And let all that XP we're all in.

(8) Turn on auto sprint!

Sure, in the other Call of duty game running around like a maniac means enemies all hear your footsteps and get the drop on you easily but seeing as this is a mobile game not as many gamers will be wearing headphones.

So, you'll get away with running more than the traditional call of duty games. Also if you're playing with the touch controls you're going to want to minimize the number of buttons you need to press at all times.

It makes sense to run automatically rather than have to press the button to run.

(9) Earn credit fast!

Credits of the primary way of unlocking choice gear and upgrades. So you're going to want as many on hand as possible and luckily there are few ways to maximize your credits outside of gameplay.

And you don't have to resort to microtransactions. First-off you can watch the in-game ads for a small number of credits next you can do weekly, daily and event challenges assigned to the game. Also if you log in to the game every day of the week then at the week's end you'll earn 500 credits finally.

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