2nd Anniversary Special Update 0.17.0 in Pubg Mobile.

2nd Anniversary Special Update 0.17.0 in Pubg Mobile.

Hey, Guys welcome to our blog, Pubg Mobile is bringing a brand new update, new special items and also new game modes. 

You guys must be excited to hear that Pubg mobile was going to launch new update and it was rolling out on 11 Feb but now it got delayed for some technical issues or because of the Coronavirus situations.

Sources have declared that it going to be soon launched on 17th February or 3rd march. So, therefore stay tuned with us to never miss-out a piece of excellent news from www.pubginsight.com.

The 0.17.0 update is all about of 2nd-anniversary celebration in which you are going to get rewards and you can also play Mini-games in Pubg Mobile. So have look at our article you will understand everything about this feature update.


So, guys, the new 0.17.0 update is all about brand new mode it will be seen in Classic mode and it is an honour to the 2nd-Anniversary Event Celebration. 

Where in the classic mode of Erangel Map, you can see a spawn island with an outstanding arrangement look like the purest form to celebrate our 2nd PUBG Mobile Anniversary which we all going to get because of the 0.17.0 Update

Where you can play games like Machine Games and Electronic Video Games also there you will get tokens for machine games and for video games. 

All you have to do is collect that token and come front of any Mini game and there will be an option given like use token you have to click on token then there you can get loot which cannot be used in-game.

So there are more updates which you will also know as you keep your eye-sight till at the end of the blog.

What WE Gonna Get In 2nd Anniversary Special Update 0.17.0 Of PUBG MOBILE?

We all greatly know that PUBG Mobile always tries to uplift their die-heart warrior wishes. So, they are always in intent to come up with some new enthusiastic updates.  

Therefore the Feature Update of 0.17.0 of PUBG Mobile is also in concern to entertain you the best. And as we know that it is for the 2nd exclusive anniversary of Team PUBG Mobile. So, how would the stick behind to enlarge your happiness & gaming experience?

Therefore they had come up with New & Exciting Features in their upcoming 0.17.0 Update! Before knowing the Anniversary Special Update features. We would recommend you also to read our second article on:-


Which is also a boom-package of lots of Information & Rewards leaks. So before any due, let's have a look at the upcoming features.


when you will be on the plane you can see the map it will be having 3 gear icons in random places. 

In every match, you can see this icon in different places. But in a match, there will be only 3 gear icons only. you have to land on this gear icon location. 

This gear icon location soon will be hot drops. because this location going to have interesting things which blow your mind.


When you land on gear icon location there you can see brand new building these brand buildings will be seen only for 2-anniversary celebration.  In this building, all you can see is mini-games which you can play and get loots like bags, guns, scopes any more things. 

All you have to play mini-games which is available in the building. You need token for play this mini-games all you have do is collect the token from slot machine and then you can play the mini-game. 

This mini-game will be last for 5 seconds only. After 5 seconds you can get an item like bags, guns and many more. 


This is the most interesting game you can see on Pubg mobile wingsuit. Go in front of this game click on get in and then your clothes will automatically get changed in the wingsuit after that you have to click on start the game will get started automatically. 

It will automatically pull your player upside and after that, you can glide and you can have a beautiful look while gliding. 

In this update, I love this wingsuit game and it is the best thing in this update. After the launch of new update tell us about your wingsuit gliding game and more things you have experience in the update only on our comment box.  

That's all for the upcoming update, If we get more update we will be getting back to you. Still, then stay tuned with us. Make sure to follow us on social media and to click the true gamer bell icon to never miss a fresh update from PUBG Insight. Thank you for reading to us!

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