Winter Mode of Erangel Map In PUBG Mobile.

Winter Mode Of Erangel Map In PUBG Mobile.

Winter Mode In Erangel Map In PUBG Mobile.

How will be the Winter Mode of Erangel Map In PUBG Mobile?

Winter has been started and you all know every year PUBG mobile brings unique update in every season. So this year PUBG mobile will bring an interesting update. This mode has been launch in beta version 0.16.0 which we will soon see in our PUBG mobile. In this update, you can see snowy mountains, ski-lift. You must be thinking it will look like Vikendi map, what is new in this?  

So let me tell you about this new update, in this map snowy areas can found in 3 places and from the three of one places you can ride ski board and ski lift.

What's New in Winter Mode of Erangel Map In PUBG Mobile?

Snowy Erangel Map 

In this update, there are three snowy places in Erangel map And from one of this area, you can enjoy with skiboard.


Many of us seen ski lift and experience it also, But now you can experience ski lift in PUBG mobile. The ski lift is actually located between "Yasnya Polyana" and "Stabler". The ending of the 'Yasnya Polyana' is the start of the ski lift and the starting of 'Stabler' is the end of the ski lift. And the interesting part of the ski lift is when you enter the ski lift there will be an option given of drive you have to click that option and the ski lift will start moving automatically. 


When you get down from the ski lift you can see the snowy area. And there will be one more option given to you of Ski you have to click that option then you get a skiboard. The way you drive a vehicle the same way you have to drive skiboard but there will be given one more option of the jump so you can do stunts also. 
That's pretty much about this post hope you enjoy the latest update soon. 

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