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Although, you are PUBG player so you would certainly be knowing the word PUBG Mobile ROYAL PASS. However, there would be possibilities about who are new to this game & lacking appropriate knowledge about What is Royal Pass in PUBG Mobil mean? 

Then this article going to definitely resolve your all type of Q&A's! So make sure you would be holding your interest till the end of the post!

Royal pass is one such treasurer part of PUBG game. Where every player wants to have a Royal Pass because It is not for free & one should have to pay the price to get a Royal Pass. With the help of RP, you can push your rank faster, you can have Elegant Outfits, Gun Skins, Vehicle Skins and much more. PUBG Mobile introduces a New & fresh Royal Pass in every latest season to come up with new rewards & surprises what you gonna getting into the Royal Pass. 

Currently, Season-10 is on its fire, which would be gradually ending in next month. Were will be especially getting to see a season in a new year! If you are excited and willing to know what unique rewards you are going to get in PUBG Mobile Season-11 then read our post. PUBG MOBILE SEASON-11 (0.16.0) | REWARDS LEAKS! SO, if you are planning to purchase a brand new royal pass in the up-coming season than before that make sure you understand every aspect of the Royal pass before making a purchase. After all, it's all should be value for the money. Let us begin for the step-by-step guide were will be covering every corner of the topic.

1.) Whats is Royal Pass In PUBG Mobile?

Royal Pass mainly stands for Premium Pass offered by PUBG Mobile. Where the player gets events during the in the current running season. Where they have to complete the tasks & missions to complete and collect all the premium rewards. In the framework, a player would be getting two kinds of Royal-pass membership! Where one is FREE & the second one is paid (Elite).  Players in both sectors get missions & rewards on a daily basis. To participating in royal pass event is totally free but if you needed some wilder & adventures rewards then you should be definitely picking up Elite Royal Pass Version which will be excellent for you! The Elite missions found a bitter harder than the free regular one, In addition to the Basic PUBG users, cant participate or complete the Elite mission. Only the Elite premium users have the rights to complete the task & missions.

The main intention one any player carries during the event is to perform excellently to earn royal points and increase their ranking in PUBG Mobile by completing the mentioned mission in a meanwhile period. Like, it is said that your first impression is considered to be the last impression that remains as similar to PUBG where your first impression makes a different impact in your existing, So if you buy a Royal Pass, then you have a lot of great amazing clothes outfit, car skins, parachute skin, aeroplane skin, vehicle skin etc. Having all these as reward actually sense you a better gaming compare to regular gameplay.

2.) How does the Elite Royal Pass work?

There is no other side or practice to follow up on to play with Elite Royal Pass. It is totally similar to the regular basic royal pass which is free. Elite Royal pass completely function equally where the player has to participate in the missions section, complete it and earn rewards basically comparable to basic missions or task. Yes, who would be finding quite competitive while completing the missions perhaps you would be also satisfying with a quality reward.

3.) How much does PUBG Royale pass cost?

As we know, Royal pass is divided into two versions FREE & Elite(paid)! But in Elite Paid Verison you would be getting two variety cost for Royal Pass. Where first is Elite Upgrade & the second is Elite Upgrade Plus! As now Season 10 is active so I would like to specify an image to define it properly

 Elite Upgrade: 
  • As you register for the Elite upgrade then Immediately you would be getting 4,000 UC worth of rewards!
  • Unlock your 100 rewards through ranking-up!
  • Unlock Elite Missions!
All of the premium features cost you for 600UC which is  716.82 & in U.S. Dollars it would for $ 9.99! This item cost is non-refundable. That means once you have confirmed the payment then you cant be able to get your money refund back.

Note: You can only choose one Royal pass per season. this cannot be changed later

 Elite Upgrade Plus: 
  • As you register for the Elite Upgrade Plus then Immediately you would be getting 10,000 UC worth of rewards!
  • Unlock your 100 rewards through ranking-up!
  • Unlock Elite Missions!
  • Gain 25 Ranks (the equivalent of 2,500 UC).
  • Ice Sculpture Snowmobile.
  • Unsleeping City Grenade.
  • Elite Pass Plus Exclusive [ Roaring Magma Avatar Frame. ]
All of the premium features cost you for 600UC which is  2,151.18 & in U.S. Dollars it would for $ 29.98! This item cost is non-refundable. That means once you have confirmed the payment then you cant be able to get your money refund back.

Note: You can only choose one Royal pass per season. this cannot be changed later

All the royal pass description is mentioned of Season-10 rewards. PUBG Mobile changes the listing of rewards in their per new season! In every single season, they would be coming with a new reward perks & missions!

4.) What is the difference between Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus?

There is no major difference to figure out. As we know both passes are paid and with different values, Elite Pass is for minimal amount & Elite Plus Pass is for the standard amount. So if talking about the difference between both of the passes is only almost in the rewards sector. Some of the rewards you will find the best in Elite Pass Plus like say.. car skin or avatar frame. etc Apart from this, You will have a completely mutual experience in both of them passes as being a Royal Pass user.

5.)  Does Royal Pass expire? or need to be renewed?

Yes, Unfortunately In every particular royal pass season the pass is being valid for only 35 days So thoroughly every individual has to renew their Royal Pass to collect new exciting perks & rewards. But eventually, the cost remains worthful by its all-new & amazing rewards you would be receiving in every fresh season. Simultaneously your royal pass rank will also get neutral and starts from the initial stage.

6.) What are Royal Points in PUBG Mobile?

Royal Points is the primary source for players to get rewards in the game. Royal Pass points can be obtained in the following ways to increase the rank:

⓵ - Complete Royal Pass Daily Missions & Challenge Missions. Elite Pass holders will have access to Elite Missions to rank-up faster.

⓶ - Complete weekly challenges & participate in events to get Royalle Pass Point Cards that grant RP points.

⓷ - Sometimes opening crates will also award free Royal Pass Points.

⓸ - Participate in in-game events to get more free Royal Pass Points.

7.) Can I keep Royal Pass items after the season ends?

Yes, definitely all the achieved items will stay with you for the lifetime they don't go anywhere. expect consumable like eg- Room Card will disappear with the old royal pass.

8.) Can I gift an elite royal pass to my friend on PUBG MOBILE?

No, but you can ask them to gift you royal pass easily by below-mentioned methods:
  1. Open the PUBG Mobile Game.
  2. On the right-hand side of the screen, there would be RP section just click on that option!
  3. Go to Upgrade Pass option which is down-side of your screen on your right-side.
  4. Then it will be displaying two Elite Royal Pass. 
  5. Make a decision for which one Elite Royal Pass you would be selecting.
  6. Before selecting that you would get a request option beside the price tag of the Elite Pass.
  7. Click on the request option, select your friend wisely from whom you are going to appeal for a Royal Pass.
  8. After making a Royal Pass request your friend would receive an email in their PUBG mailbox. & further he/she will end up by sending you a Royal Pass! Obviously, it will not remain surprised or a gift for you but hence applying this technique you can grab a Royal Pass from your friend!
That's an overall heated-up question every individual has on their mind before buying a fresh royal or he/she is new to the battlefield! 

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