Pubg Mobile Free 200 UC Trick | PUBG UC Hack!

Pubg Mobile Free 200 UC Trick | PUBG UC Hack!

In PUBG Mobile UC stands for Unkown cash & subsequently PUBG UC plays a vital role in overall gaming. It's but Obvious from PUBG UC cash you can easily purchase an exclusive royale pass or various legendary outfits, gun skins, car skins or much more.

Pubg Mobile Free UC Trick | PUBG UC Hack!

But due to the fact that for PUBG Uc cash you need real money in your hand to buy it. Therefore many of us might be lacking the fantasy of buying Uc money. But the worry quite vanishes, as we had brought you a wonderful PUBG Mobile UC WORKING Trick.

Where you can actually get up-to 200 Uc very easily & the best part is the trick is 100% working and totally safe, there is no kind of getting banned or nor any other similar issues will be rendered. You can enjoy the trick at your best & If you like our trick further then make sure to share with your friends & family. 

So before moving ahead, I would like to state it clear that for this trick to perform one should, unfortunately, like to have at least investment of 200UC cash to gain a profit of total 100UC in-retutrn or If you have more UC, then you can invest up to 400 Uc that will eventually end-up make you profit of total 200 UC.

The trick is highly beneficial for those player who have 500UC and lacking 100UC to make an purchase of brand new royale pass or some smiliar kind of related topic's. Where you have 60% of your capital with you and you only need more 40% to fulfill it. In such case this trick is going to amaze you! 

How to get PUBG Mobile Free 200 UC Trick?

The steps are very simple there is no head-banging or difficult steps to follow. It's kind of what you invest in the bin, later on in some minutes refunds you in addition to it. So before having any more due's let's begin with the easy step-by-step method for collecting PUBG Mobile Free 200 UC.

Step ①: Log-in to your PUBG Mobile account with a smooth internet connection.
Step ②: Once you had completely log-in and exist in your lobby. You have to go to the Bonus Reward option.

Tap to get a decent view.
Step ③: Where you have to select this red boxed option. Which is for Battle coin option, where you can see the existing battle coins you have and you can also buy more battle coins from there.

Tap to get a decent view.
Step ④: Later, the condition will be you have at least 2000 battle coins in your Bonus reward wallet to perform the trick. therefore In-case, you are lacking some battle coins you can purchase 1000 battle coins for a total of 100 Uc. In one attempt you can only redeem 1000 battle coins. That means you have to redeem it for multiple times then you will be making a number of complete 2000 battle coins.

Tap to get a decent view.
Step ⑤: Once you have 2000 battle coins, beside that you will get redeem option. Click on the redeem option. after clicking on the redeem option you will get three diffrent UC Packs.

Tap to get a decent view.
  1. 100 UC Packs for = 1000 Battle Coins.
  2. 300 UC Packs for = 2000 Battle Coins.
  3. 500 UC Packs for = 5000 Battle Coins.

As the varies of the UC packs are different you have to simply go for the second option which is 300 UC Packs for 2000 Battle Coins. By doing this you will be rewarded by free 100 UC cash. Now you will be asking, How? 

Let me make it more simple for you guys, as primarily you have invested 200 UC cash for buying a total of 2000 Battle coins & further you had redeemed it for total UC pack of 100, that means you have made a profit of complete 100 UC for free.
Step ⑥: Lastly, you will be pondering about the 200 UC statement. So for that cause, you have to simply rewind the same procedure to make double advantage and you will be ending-up by having in-profit of 200 of UC money in you PUBG Mobile wallet. 

I would like to state some do-follow requirements every interested player has to follow on:

REQUIREMENTS: To get free PUBG Mobile UC!

  1. An active Internet Connection.
  2. The player should be mainly from the Asian Region. In a different region you should try, it might be work but the possibilities are less.
  3. A player does need 200-400 UC in their wallet to perform these trick.
  4. Skip phone calls while working on the trick. 
  5. Never tap on home screen button or mistakenly redirect to the home screen. 
That's how the trick is going to work and If you end-up by getting UC cash then like our article, make sure to follow us on Social Media & also to press the TRUE GAMER bell icon for never miss a fresh update from our website & get notified first as we publish a new post on Pubg-insight. Share with your family & friends. Thank you for reading our article.

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