PUBG becomes Mentally Challengeable for a Teen-guy!

PUBG becomes Mentally Challengeable for a Teen-guy!

Nowadays PUBG Mobile has become an iconic & root cause of today's youth gaming-hood. There is no-doubt youngsters has a phenomenal craze towards the game.

Ajit Pawar - Report from Pune Live.

Still, there would be a pile of reports where PUBG Mobile has been found for substantially challenging teenagers life. 

Keeping all these events centrally, A new report has come-out from Chakan, Pune. Due to the PUBG game, A well-educated young man who had a mental illness made a mess in the Chakan area. The young man was last seen on Monday. On 9 December 2019, Chakan was brought to the police station and handed over to the police. The youth for the game PUBG is literally getting over mad. Earlier onwards there were several strange incidents found happening by this game. Claims by a Media Report. Pune Live पुणे लाईव्ह.

Ajit Shivaji Pawar (age 25, currently resident of Mednakarwadi, Chakan, Tal. Khed), who is from Indapur and Solapur, told police that police are searching for his hometown. He is currently in the custody of the Chakan police.

After media comes to the lime, they interview a Police-Officer where the policeman says the guy was handover by the Chakan villagers. Ajit Pawar used to guide random people about PUBG game like how to play it & similar kind of stuff, sometimes he also acts like a PUBG player and used to throw stones or any other material on random peoples & on street stalls as well. Due to which people of the surrounding decides to submit him to the police station. - "Said by a Chakan's Police Officer." 

Ajit is the room partner of my cousin brother. My brother and Ajit formed a close friendship, therefore, they come to visit my Vegetable Shop sometimes, and yes it is not a matter of decade but only a matter of 1-week before when they had come to the Chakan city. But since my brother is in the village now, Ajit still used to visit daily. I had also suggested Ajit not visit the shop daily because recently he has tried to injure a cow as he assumes that the cow is coming to attack Ajit. People also say whenever Ajit spotted a moving car he used to aim at the car with his fingers & try to shot the bullets on the moving vehicle. Ajit also takes bicycles of small kids and try to move to the safe place as according to the game format. "Said by a brother of Ajit's Room-mate." 

There is no such thing to make fun or a unnecessary debate about Ajit's behaviour. The sake of article is just to make more conscious about day-to-day excessive gaming of today generation and  make them try to attempt to play any game in a narrow term. 

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