PUBG Mobile Season-11 (0.16.0) | Rewards Leaks!

PUBG Mobile Season-11 (0.16.0) | Rewards Leaks!

PUBG Mobile Season-11 (0.16.0) Update is all way on the way! Well, Season 10 (0.16.0) Beta Version Update is already rolled out with insights of the upcoming approach of what PUBG Mobile wants to give to their audience.

PUBG Mobile Season-11 | Rewards Leaks

PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 update will be bringing the stuff of exciting gifts like winter lobby in the month of Christmas and the second next update we are getting on 1st of the January which will be our exclusive PUBG Mobile Season-11 (0.16.5) Update

Although, in the upcoming update you will getting several modes & utilization in PUBG gaming. If you are curious to know all of it then make sure you'll be engaging yourself in the article till the bottom of it. So without wasting more time lets figure-out the update leaks one-by-one!

What's New in the 0.16.0 PUBG Mobile Update?

Sources are strongly believed that in the upcoming update the die-hearted of PUBG Mobile gaming will be going to watch modes like Deathmatch Race, TPP to FPP Swap & Snowy locations Erangle map.


The concept is totally inspired by the movie Deathrace! Which is loved by the millions of people and if you are one of them and willing to participate in such death race eliminating mode than this update will definitely thrilled you out. The thought behind this mode is absolutely clear that the players should be participating in a car race where the player has to eliminate their opponent rivals with their highly weapon equipped vehicles and while across the race you can find spawn crates in between for healing-up. The Deathrace mode will basically available in the EVO-Ground mode. So be prepared for a drastic & lethal race mode.


As we had mainly founded Vikendi map for snowy purpose almost last year, but although we know winters are rolling up and we all know Erangle is the prime map in PUBG Mobile which people usually like to play the most, therefore the team has made up some snowy changes in the map where the audience can enjoy the feel of the winter awfully. Where you will be also getting to enjoy ski-lift & skiing boards with the snowy mountains. Where our player will be seen shivering due to cold which will be the most likely scene in the winter update.


Earlier we had experienced that you had to decide any one mode before entering the battleground. As if it would be FPP(first player perspective) or TPP(second player perspective) mode. All you have to decide in the lobby and later you are disable to switch once you are in the match but now the 0.16.0 update leaks have been suggested that it would be possible from the latest update. A player can switch their gaming perspective mode while being in a match.


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According to the sources, leaks are coming that in the latest 0.16.0 update. The audience will be getting a new modified payload mode which will be mainly a collaboration with the uttermost likeable game 'TERMINATOR' and it has also been suggested that the name of mode will be changing from 'Payload mode' to 'Choose your fate'. In that mode, the player will also be getting an avatar of terminator to play around. This mod is currently available on the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile.

So here we had discussed all the major modes we are likely going to get in the upcoming update now let's have a look on some more updates like Companion, Weapon Skins, Vehicle Modification & much more.

(1.)  Companion: 

We all had received a falcon companion in the last update where we have to collect the mentioned shards to achieve the falcon. Similar to that in the upcoming update we would be getting DOG as a companion and the pet will survive with us in the meanwhile winter battleground as a falcon-like to be. Where like the same as before you have to collect the shards. before it was twenty for the falcon now it is almost fifty for the dog companion.

(2.)  Move ahead while healing. 

We had many times return to the lobby just because our health is low due to the blue-zone and while healing-up you had been knockdown or you are thrown-out to the lobby. But every upcoming update assures us to feel less worried about the comforts of the game. Hence the team has come up with moving ahead while healing factor just to improvises the healthy gaming experience of the players.

(3.)  New Character - SARA. 

SARA is a vehicle expert & also known as 'Engine Queen' who loves automobile and going for rides. She excels it reinforcing vehicles, so they take less damage when she drives or is riding a vehicle. She is a genius at modifying vehicles. The vehicles she modifies becomes more durable. We would like to offer you a short intro about the character because already we had published a complete post on her. If you want to know more in-depth details about SARA's then read our mentioned post below.


(4.)  Vehicle Modification System. 

In the latest update, you will be classified to upgrade your vehicles with new different colours with graffiti arts & various modifications which all vary on upgrading the level of your vehicle. As you stand on:

  • First level - So you can change the colour of the car
  • Second Level - You can change the seat colour. 
  • Third level - You can change the style & colour of your vehicle's bumper
  • Fourth Level - Rear bumper style & Colour can be changed.
  • Fifth Level - Rim Style can be changed.
  • Sixth Level - Spoiler style & colour can be changed.

Note: Vehicle modification is only available after obtaining a vehicle finish.

(5.)  Season-11 Outfits: 

PUBG Mobile Season -11 Out-fits
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(6.)  Season-11 Gun Skins: 

PUBG Mobile Season-11 Gun Skins
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(7.)  Season-11 Vehicle Skins: 

PUBG Mobile Season-11 Vehicle Skins
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