PUBG Mobile Welcomes New Female Character - 'SARA'!

PUBG Mobile introduces A New Female Character 'SARA'!

PUBG Mobile introduces a new female Character 'SARA'!

As always PUBG Mobile happens with some new visuals so that their die-hearted users won't get bored out of it and that fact we all know it genuinely. We are all aware of this that season 9 is coming to an end in a few days and due to this, season 10 will make its entry quite well. 

It is certain by the growing users of PUBG mobile. PUBG game is now being played by great numbers of female players. Past ago in the game, we had seen a male character named 'Victor', similarly  PUBG Mobile wants to present a female character for the sake of their female audience.

Sources believe that regarding season 10, we are going to be introduced by a new female Character in PUBG Mobile, whose name will be 'Sara'. sounds great?

Sara's character is currently present in the Chinese PUBG Version, which is going to be global soon. But the condition for that character in the Chinese version is one has to purchase it for 2000UC cash. which is quite expensive. let's see what will be the price range in the global release. In spite of that let's figure out who is 'SARA' and how it will be interesting to having her in the play.

So basically, the gorgeous boy-cut girl in the image is 'SARA'. She had dressed up very simple like all ordinary PUBG outfits we have. but fortunately, she is owning six more different outfits which are totally amazing & up sticks with her personality.


SARA is a vehicle expert & also known as 'Engine Queen' who loves automobile and going for rides. She excels it reinforcing vehicles, so they take less damage when she drives or is riding a vehicle. 


She is a genius at modifying vehicles. The vehicles she modifies becomes more durable.

Effect: While driving or riding a vehicle in SARA's character the player's vehicle register less damage the ratio of the damage reduced by 4%. Once you level up SARA's persona the damage ratio will reduce by 5.5%. The feature of SARA is only effective in EVOground.

Once you reached level 5 from that point of time you will be able to perceive rewards behalf of upgrading levels. The condition will be you have to play with the character or you can use Exp. card to level up SARA. 

As you can watch the Level up reward concept there is clear as you reach 
  • On Level 6 you will be taking an exclusive SARA's emote named 'Jubilant'.
  • On Level 7 you will be increasing 'Vehicle Enhancement'.
  • On Level 8 you will be getting an amazing outfit named 'Cool SARA'.
  • On Level 9 you will be again able to upgrade 'Vehicle Enhancement'.
  • On Level 10 you will be getting a pistol shooting action MVP Emote.
Although SARA is coming with her seven exclusives emotes & 25+ voice overs which is completely fantastic view & figure it out step by step!

Exclusive Emotes:

  1. JUBILANT - Cheering emote.
  2. RDFL - laughing emote.
  3. Let's have a big of it - Escaping laziness emote.
  4. SILENT SIGH - It would be called there is no use of explaining the shit emote.
  5. SAWADEE KHA - Joint both hands in a respectful manner emote.
  6. DANCING WRENCH - Juggling of the wrench emote.
  7. BOOTCAMP PARTY - Dance move emote.
Exclusive Voice-overs: 

  1. Do you like mango stickle rice?
  2. You don't look half bad. dude.
  3. Hey, girl wanna get a drink before we go?
  4. Sawadee Kha, happy now?
  5. I work so hard. I can eat lobsters every day!
  6. I can tell whether a car's good or bad just by listening to its engine.
  7. Why do people like me? Because I am pretty!
  8. Alright. It's still got four wheels, so I can fix it!
  9. Be the one who controls the steering wheel.
  10. I hate living here.
  11. Did you.. just look at me?
  12. You look so cute when you blush!
  13. My heart is powered by a gear drive.
  14. There's a beautiful heart under those dirty clothes. - (One of my favourite ❤)
  15. Trust me, I can fix it.
  16. You are as important to as an engine in a car!
  17. I like your car.
  18. Just pull the trigger. It ain't that hard.
  19. Cheer up! I can help you fix any problem.
  20. Nice to meet you! Lemme take you for a ride!
  21. Every car got a soul, embrace it!
  22. You hold I'll take you for a ride.
  23. Hey, I'm hurt! Give me a hand!
  24. *Whistle* Not bad!
  25. Choo-Choo! All abroad! Next stop: The Playzone!
Here all for SARA's update. let's have a look upon Christmas update what we are going to get from PUBG Mobile as a reward or gift. let's check it out.
  3. X-MAS M416 GUN SKIN.
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