PMCO 2019 Runner UP | SOUL Mortal | Donates Winning Amount to INDIAN Army!

The real player does not carried-out himself only in a key to the game, but he has also seen present his etiquette outside the PLAY!

PMCO 2019 Runner UP | SOUL Mortal Donates Winning Amount to INDIAN Army!
PMCO 2019 Runner UP | SOUL Mortal 

An Iconic & humble personality of the 'PLAYER UNKNOWN BATTLEGROUND' Game! Who is the least beloved gamer of today's youth! People eagerly wait for his Gaming  Live Streams.

As 'Entity Gaming' & 'Soul Team' performed very breathtaking gameplay in the 'PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split 2019', both of the team represents India at the top-notch by finishing first & at second place in the South Asia regional qualifiers and gently qualified to attempt the PMCO Fall Split Global Finals where they will be competing the other finalist around the globe  which will be held on 30th of November at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. It feels honoured to see our Indian Gaming Comunity affluent to the globals. Additional to it 'Rapper Badshah' & 'Henry Lau' are also been confirmed at Global Finals on 1st of the November. Mainly to boost & charged-up the confidence of our digital warriors in the finals.

PMCO Fall Split Final Standings
PMCO Fall Split Final Standings.
Residentials from India mainly know him undoubtedly, because of his gaming expertise. The identity from INDIA 'SOUL Mortal'. I'd like to brief short bio of himself just for the sake of people who are new to here and willing to know more about Mortal. So, basically, he's real name is 'Naman Mathur' aka Mortal. Resides in Maharashtra, India. he is an online gaming streamer on youtube with a total fan-base of  3.38 Millon Subscribers.  Most of the time Naman used to play Counter-strike earlier. further, he gets influenced by PUBG Gaming and simultaneously it becomes a primary source of living and upscaling 'Indian Gaming Community' to the next level. that's pretty much for his identity.

Let's move to the agenda of this article. As we all know our warriors are redirected to the prelims hence recently mortal has confirmed in a Facebook post about to donate his winning share ( 5 Lakh + ) to Indian  Army! What a great initiative. Such huge respect to 'team Soul'. Maybe that's a core reason why people loved him strongly because he is not just only a sports person but also a good human being. Many of us are inspired by his gaming talent. Even I'd follow him and improved my gaming skills by watching him play.

As we know about the previous tournament of PMCO (Spring Split ) 2019. Soul team, unfortunately, didn't work out the best but apparently Mortal achieves an award for the most voted fan-vote 'fan favourite award' on the website. It was not a victory but surely as esteem towards the nation. Naman was not expecting such an award for himself and suddenly Tencent guys came to him and hold him the goodies, which was unexpected - Naman says in an interview. Ultimately that was a misfortune at Spring split but let's cheer-up well for 'Entity' & 'Soul' to the finals. we also wish the best of luck to Team IND, INS & Team Synergy to perform well in the preliminary round.

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