As we all know, inside PUBG Mobile Lite, we can all play TPP (third-person perspective) mode leisurely, but due to the beta version update, now we all can enjoy playing FPP mode if you are eager to play this mode and want to know how it can possible, stay with this article till the end.


What is FPP Mode? 

Basically, FPP mode stands for the first-person perspective. Where player can access the battlefield with their character-eye view. There is no rotative view for the player which you normally get in TPP mode. 

It's kind of competitive compared to TPP mode. If you had played games like half-life 2, bio-shock or Counter-strike then you are strongly knowledgable how one should be concentrated while playing this mode.

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How you can Install & Play FPP Mode in PUBG Mobile Lite?

As we are aware of that, before the global update of PUBG Mobile, the beta version is made available first for testing. thus, we have got 39.36 KB of small file from the beta update, due to which we have to first install in our backend file storage of PUBG so that we can succeed in playing the FPP mode. The whole process will be explained to you completely in a step-by-step manner, so be calm you will be easily accessing the technique. 

And there is nothing to worry about, As we are going to install this file from the beta version so that it will do not claim you any kind of legal notice or issue

Now, you will think why the FPP mode is getting into the frame because it is a very underrated mode. people won't usually prefer to play it, but my dear friend even if you do not like FPP mode, but if you play this mode regularly, then your reflexes, aiming & targeting can improve with a better room so far it will also increase your gaming sound sense, so without wasting more time lets get to the guide.

First, you have to download an application which is ZArchiever, you can easily get available on play store and I'll also provide the link below.

  ZArchiever App: 

Once you complete with downloading the application, later you have to download one more file which is primarily the main file of 36 KB which we had also mentioned down below. kindly download the file.

Beta Version (FPP) File - 36KB:Google drive

1.) After you are done with downloading Beta version file, then the second thing you have to do is to open the 36 KB file in ZArchiever

2.) Extract the 36Kb Zip file after it will be converted to basic file, named by 'SAVEGAMES'.

3.) The third step will be cut or copy the 'SAVEGAME' file folder and take the copy of it to the Android name folder which usually located in our Internal storage.

4.) Open the 'Android' folder then click on the 'Data' folder.

5.) Further search for the folder named ''com.tencent.iglite''.

6.) Once you get into the folder you will see file option folder open it. you will be displaying the UE4 Game folder + Shadow tracker Extra named folder + Engine named folder + Saved named folder.

7.) As you finally reached to Saved name folder you have to replace(paste) the copied content of 'SAVEGAME' folder in it. It will overwrite all the content.

Once you have done with all the above mentioned step-by-step guide then you have to simply open the PUBG Mobile lite game. After log-in into the game screen one issue, you will definitely face, which will you have to reset your controls-settings once again. 

The best part into the crate is you can switch the FPP mode into the TPP one while you are in the match. If you accidentally select any wrong mode. The switching section of the mode will be found below down the screen and it will display such like this:

PUBG Mobile Lite FPP Mode
Tap the image to get a decent view.

That's pretty much for installing the FPP mode. If you had like our article make sure to follow us on social media & press the TRUE GAMER bell icon to never miss a fresh update from our website & get notified first as we publish a new post on Pubg-insight. Share with your family & friends. Thank you for reading our article.

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