The very funny and irritating factor that we notice in PUBG Mobile is Rank Pushing! Everyone, of course, takes this game with heart and perseverance, but they left behind only in the hope of getting their rank pushed.


If the game is seen realistically, then it has to play with absolutely pure attention and aim-focused, therefore every particular should be sensible because we ourselves countered several surprising incidents during the game which have made our game lose and meanwhile we break down our rank-push. 

So, basically, now we will try to understand some secret tricks from which we will make our gameplay more sensible and concurrently the tips will help you to push your rank in limited time.

What does PUBG Mobile TIER mean?

In every aspect of our life, we go through from some ranking factor similar to that in Pubg Mobile tier stats the ranking you are holding in your gamer identity. 

Therefore maintaining our tier over the game helps you to stand out in highest rankings. but many time we lack behind to maintain it properly and our tier slip down. Due to this reason, we are come up with an 8 pro-tips for How do I raise my tier in PUBG Mobile!

Don't Worry!! We had come up with 8 pro-tips that will help you in your gaming and also enhance your tier ranking to level up fast.


How do I raise my tier in PUBG Mobile? 8 PRO-TIPS!

To be very honest raising your tier or rank in the game is not so easy now-a-time because of there a plenty number of users who are also trying to raise their tier quickly in Pubg mobile.

But, there will be never an impossible factor, if you follow our pro-tips accurately and implement in your gaming. I would state you clear one thing there no rocket-method to raise your tier.

All you have to be patient, be alert & focus on your gameplay...

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Make sure you survive your player for a longer period in the game. If you are dedicated for pushing your rank hardly then be prepared to last long in top-10 or it would much better in the last top-5. As you attain to hold yourself till this requirements then your rating points will definitely don't count in minus either it will be increased(+) or will remain constant. If you maintain it for 8-10 matches in a day then gradually your tier will upgrade in some days. And if you are thinking how could one resist himself till the end then primarily you have to ignore hot-drops like Georgopool, Military Base and land places like Severny, Gatka, Lipovko, Primorsk, Quarry.


Collect health first-aid, pain-killers, energy drink & bandages foremost. Too many times we neglect to pick-up bandages but keep remember for survival bandages are the key to health because there will be the moment you have to survive in blue-zone many times. As you will be landing mostly on the edges or non-hot-drop locations in the map. So there will be higher chances that you will be found in blue-zone. Therefore store fine quality of first-aids.


Always keep car or motorcycle with you and also make sure to carry one gas-can to refuel it whenever it gets low. The vehicle will help you to fight blue-zone easily and also it will help you to escape from an unnecessary fight during the match. As you reached in Top-15 or Top-20 and you are in stable surrounding then leave the vehicle and run.


Once you are done with your looting then get back or be in the circle. You have to stay at the corner edges of the blue-zone because players mainly try to capture the safe place in the mid of the map. So you have to follow the closing corners of the circle to reach in Top-10 countings.


As we firstly carry all the med-kits for health reasons make sure also to grab smokes, frag grenades & stun grenades to secure yourself from major attacks. If you decide to camp one location and there you found one squad is pushing on you then firstly don't give your foot-steps. stay calm in-case you render your footsteps to the opponent then it will for sure they will know you are alone so they'll be pushing up-stairs or throwing frags on you. Suppose you had countered in such situation than throw smoke on yourself + everywhere to confuse them and leave the location asap.


Try to get 5+ kills in every single match it will help your rating to up-lift. If you are not comfortable with targeted fights then in such case PUBG Bots will definitely help you out. At non-hot-drop locations, there is usually you found to come across with 2-3 robots, finish them and secure your kills.


Once you reach in Top-10  you need to keep your profile low. let others fight and wipe each other and always take a cover of rock and tree. Sometimes a tree will not be beneficial for you but the rock will definitely remain a good cover in the final circle.


Try not to get spotted in last of one or two circle's. Use smokes to reach in the safe zone. Following all the above-mentioned tips there more possibilities that you will be getting a Chicken-dinner.

Keep in mind everyone match will not completely work according to the concepts but try to register these step in your every gameplay. If you are willingly want to raise your tier.

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