Best Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile Lite | Low Recoil, Aim-assist.

 Best Sensitivity Setting for PUBG Mobile Lite. 

When it comes to any online or offline multiplayer or solo game, it is obvious that the setting of the console should absolutely in our command then onwards you can take fair advantage of the gameplay and many times we forget that we just ignore the control sections due to which we lose in the game and then we stop playing it. 

Thus we think that the game is very difficult and required a lot of practice to master it, which is necessary for every game, but if we pay attention to the sensitivity of the controls, understand them and set them appropriately then nearly we can see the improvements in our gameplay.

Hence today we are going to monitor closely to the sensitivity of one of the good portion of PUBG Corporation which is PUBG Mobile Lite and let's get deep into it to know more about the sensitivity settings. Every PUBG player has a different audacity to perform while playing and every player needs their own command to set their settings. 

It is not necessary which settings I'll show will definitely gonna work for you or maybe it can work too. It's all up to your comfort level in which sensitive settings you are totally comfortable.

Let's start & understand with neutral settings with step by step method.


PUBG Mobile Lite Basic Setting

As if you are a new user or old the start-up for the setting should be adjusted in the shown manner. You will see the first section indicated for 'AIM Assist', select the fourth option which is heavy assisting. It normally works like whenever you spot an enemy then AIM assist feature will help you to target your opponent accurately and keep the rest of the setting as it is laid out. 

Make sure you always prefer to keep the 'Peak & Fire' + 'Peak & Open Scope' option enabled. These features actually make your body hide and reveal only your head and a gun portion which ends in less damage to your body.

Keep the rest of the setting as lean as stated in the picture. There you would see 'Gyroscope' disabled if you are comfortable with Gyro setting then remain it enable and further we will discuss some gyro tips too. 

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Camera + Free Look Sensitivity

Keep playing the settings of sensitivity in neutral mode with a low percentage so that when you master that setting, further starts raising it by 5% per day.

ADS (Aims Down Sight) Sensitivity

You must have noticed several times the aim of your gun going upper direction while firing. Basically, it is known as Recoil, due to which your target is missed-out many times by adjusting ADS Sensitivity, your aim will appear less recoil and you can knock your enemy easily.


Like PUBG Mobile Lite has Introduced the Pick-Up feature, the trouble of looting has become very convenient. Let's have a look at some of its settings.

Firstly make sure to tick every option to enable. It will help you to pick your loot automatically and feel less work to your thumb.

These would be our second customization which we had to do with our own required accordance. Basically, there is an every weapon bullet stock which you usually carry so it depends upon you which gun you prefer the most so make sure to advance the bullets as per your requirement. 

As you move through the loot place it will automatically pick up the loot as per its dead limit and it will certainly help you in looting the areas faster.

We want to clear that applying this sensitivity will not make any player immediately pro-gamer or there will be nothing like 15-20 kills in every match, these all settings are being shared for improving your gameplay and if any player is following such settings from the very first, so very well. 

Our purpose is for those PUBG Lite players who have freshly installed the game and stuck confused about their sensitivity perhaps regular users can also follow the same tips for enhancing their gameplay.

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