Best 5 Antivirus to play PUBG Mobile Smoothly!

Best 5 Antivirus to play PUBG Mobile Smoothly!

This problem has been common for many PUBG players who are going through the dilemma of device lag or slow down during the game or for many times, you are redirecting to your home screen.

Best 5 Antivirus for Android Phone To play PUBG Mobile smoothly!

Which is naturally justified due to the fact the game is very commonly played online! In spite of that, many servers are associated with this game, whose clearly been found to proceed their networks to be high and low sometimes throughout the day.

There are several possibilities that might be lagging your game or the device none just one, but the core issue I think is probably the storage capability of our phone which filled up unnecessarily many a times without your knowledge. so today, basically we will try to detect out most virtual and genuine 'Android Antivirus' for our device which keeps your phone in fully stable mode. All of the applications are tested and proven so do not hesitate before installing.

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We would like to specify '5-Android Antivirus Applications' which will eventually help you out through the dilemma.

Over 100,000,000 people already installed AVG's antivirus mobile security app.
✓  Scan your apps, games, settings and files in real-time.
✓  Boost-up your speed by terminating tasks that slow down your device.
✓  Clear unnecessary files to free up space.
✓  Extend battery life with Power Saver.
✓  Lock sensitive apps with a PIN, fingerprint or pattern.
✓  Enable location your lost phone via google maps.
✓  Hide your private photos in an encrypted vault.
✓  Stay anonymous with the PIN.
✓  Scan WI-FI networks for threats.
✓  Check WI-Fi download and upload speed.

App Features:

✓  Scan websites for harmful threats (Android default browser & Chrome.) 
✓  It contains wi-fi Scanner for Network Encryption, Password Strength and Captive portal. (Once with sign-in requirement)
✓ VPN Protection: Secure your online privacy.


✓ Clean unwanted files to free up space.
✓ Terminate background tasks and processes to accelerate your device.
✓ Extend battery life by close battery-draining apps.

Anti-theft Protection:

✓ Detect your lost or stolen phone via google maps.
✓ Make your device sound a siren.
✓ Theftie: Quietly emails you a picture of the person trying to unlock your phone.
✓ Remote History: query to the call log & text messages remotely.

App Insights:

✓ Monitor how you spend your time.
✓ Applications usage tracker.
✓ Analyse used data.
✓ Discover potential privacy issues.

Rating - 4.7★
App Size - 25 MB
Downloads - 100M+

Download AVG Antivirus. Click here

2.)  ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus.

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus.

Millions of users around the globe and one can also get an advantage of PREMIUM features including an intuitive and easy to use interface. Pro-active anti-theft & anti-phishing.

After download, you will automatically get 30 days of FREE to check out all the awesome features & fearless android experience. After the trial, it's up to you to continue with the premium or keep the basic free version. 

Take advantage of these free features:

✓ See something suspicious? Run the 'Scan for Malware'.
✓ Afraid of the website you are visiting? might be it's not safe! No worries, 'Anti-phishing' will cover you back.
✓ How am I protected? Check the detailed 'Security Report'.


✓ The application uses the Device Administration permission. The permission allows you to remotely detect your device in the case of loss or stolen.
✓ The app uses accessibility services for which the app requires the permission to protect you against phishing web sites.

Rating - 4.8★ + 718k reviews
App size - 18 MB
Downloads - 10M+

Download the AVG Antivirus. Click here  
 Play store


ANTIVIRUS-MOBILE Android Application

Make your smartphone fast and healthy with powerful clean virus app, Anti-virus mobile cleaner ensures professional scan quality and keeps your device safe from virus & trojans with one tap scanner function. 


✓ A simple interface and easy to use.
✓ Lightweight & Powerful Antivirus Engine.
✓ Suitable for any device.
✓ Scan for apps, games, files & protect from harmful content.
✓ Real-time protection, regular updates.
✓ Free-up phone disk memory(RAM) to accelerate gaming performance.
✓ Powerful Junk Cleaner for more storage.

Clean-up Junk.

- Get rid of redundant files, application buffers, and other several junks of your device. Releasing storage space & useless application caches files.

Virus Cleaner.

- Carries a powerful antivirus engine from which you can detect virus and trojan and then flush them out.

Real-time Protection 24/7 security.

- Gets secure firewall to find fresh threats, virus & malware to remove them on time.

Rating - 4.6★ + 7k reviews
App size - 4.6 MB
Downloads - 500k+

Download Antivirus Mobile. Click here  
 Play store

4.) 360 SECURITY

360 SECURITY Android Application

Beloved by 200 million users, 360 Security is rolled into one power cleaner. Speed booster that optimizes your background windows, memory storage, residuals files & battery life.

Why 360-Cleaner is a MUST-HAVE app?

- Effective speed booster & Smart Cache Cleaner from which lacking space for new apps and photos!
- Battery Saver - Is your battery drains quickly? No, worries It helps to stop excessive usage apps.


Security & Antivirus - Scan installed apps & memory card content automatically. It contains the latest technologies for virus scanning.

Junk File Cleaner - Erase all types of JUNK's (System Cache, Image cache, Video cache & advertisement cache) to clear the storage space.

Speed Booster - Optimise memory and speed up phone. Clean up RAM to boost speed and enhance the phone & gaming experience.

Wi-fi Security - Detect current wi-fi connection to keep you safe from insecure public wifi connections.

Intruder Selfie - Instantly snap a photo of anyone who breaking into your apps and record the date & time in App Lock for a check.

Rating - 4.6★ + 16M reviews
App size - 25 MB
Downloads - 100M+
Download the 360 Security. Click here


Dr. SAFETY Android Application

Dr. Safety is an antivirus. It defends virus intruders, guards your data privacy, optimizes devices performance and finds lost devices with security technology by Trend Micro. Our advanced machine learning AI scan safeguards against Malicious apps, Fraudulent websites, Identity theft, Ransomware and crypto-miners etc.


- Real-time Protection - Provide 24/7 protection to your phone.
- Virus Scanner and Remover - Scan your apps and data to keep you virus-free all day!
- Booster Phone - Accelerate your device to free up RAM and close background tasks.
- CPU Cleaner - Optimise CPU usage and cool down your phone.
- Battery Saver - Freeze power-draining apps & extend battery life.
- Safe Web Browsing - Scan and filter URL's when you browse a website or chat with messaging apps.
- Private Photo Vault - Protect your sensitive photos.


✓ Scan apps, while they are installing.
✓ Scan insure setting of your device.
✓ Scan URL's for harmful threats when your browsing websites.
✓ Parental Control: keep you & your kids from unwanted internet contents.


✓ Extend battery life by shutting down power-draining apps.
✓ Clean junk files, residual files, obsolete APK's, duplicate large files (photos/videos), Ad junks.
✓ Detect unused apps and obsolete APK's with ease.


✓ Lock Sensitive apps to protect your privacy plus finger-print supported.
✓ Privacy Browser: block ADs and trackers when you browse the website.
✓ Hide & lock private photos in a password-protected vault.

Rating - 4.5★ + 402k reviews
App size - 18 MB
Downloads - 10M+

Download the 360 Security. Click here

Note: All the antivirus apps we have mentioned will not absolutely turn your gameplay into heaven perhaps, It will definitely create a room for a better gaming experience. We do not say all of the anti-virus gonna work for you because of every individual handle different device but you can surely try them once. It has all been tested and proven the results.

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