How to get Rename Card in PUBG Mobile for free Every-time?

PUBG has undoubtedly been a game in which every individual person has a different glimpse of himself. Everyone likes the player to be a little different from his / her squad or globally and at the same time, when it comes to deciding for your player name, everyone likes to keep a very unique name.

But sometimes it happens that when we install the game freshly on our phones then we do not have much idea about the different names we can keep, and mostly then we write our own full name which we later do not relish that much. 

Luckily, despite the name change card that you get at the time of fresh install, you can get the rename card for additional 2 more times in the game, but to get it you have only need to complete level 3 and level 10 mission which can be completed very easily.

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How to get free Rename Card in PUBG Mobile for 3rd Time & Every Time?

How to get Rename Card in PUBG Mobile for free Every-time?

But the trick we are going to share about is not accomplishing any mission but yes, some work will definitely have to be done which might be a bit difficult for any PUBG player to hit upon because the condition will be such that you shall not have to login your player account for whole 7 days due to which this trick will be able to work.

When you do not play the game for the whole 7 days, then the PUBG team feels that you do not like this game anymore, which has stopped you to log in the game

keeping an eye on this event, the team declares you as a 'Game Returner'. As soon as you enter the game again on the 8th day.

The trick is definitely going to get the identity card but at the same time, you will be happy to know that there is a bonus associated with this trick.

Initially, I like to validate one thing. After your whole patience, you have to stay online for another 7 days so that the team can fully be confident that you have started playing the game again and on the very 4th day you would be getting the PUBG Rename Card.

As you are reaching to day 4 for the ID card still you would be having an amazing offer on day 5! And it would be Ultimate Return Reward for you and that would be a choice between three of them which would be for permanent:

a) The Skulls Skull Set.
b) The Shadow Set.
c) Desert Camo - S12K. 

What will be the extra Bonus?

As you know, you have to appear online every day of the week and instead of that, you will be getting daily rewards divided with particular days.

Day 1 = Classic Crate Coupon Scrap X1
Day 2 = BP Coins X200
Day 3 = Silver Coins X5
Day 4 = BP Coins X300
Day 5 = Classic Crate Coupon Scrap X2
Day 6 = BP Coins X500
Day 7 = Hero's Crate X2
Day 8 = Perachute Set X1 for 7days!

All these rewards have been found for just being offline some days on PUBG, I think that's a great deal and hope you had like the article. Make sure to subscribe us on our newsletter to get more such updates and tricks regarding PUBG Mobile Rename Id Card. Thank you! 

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